Easily mark up your PDF on an iPhone.

Whether for school, work, or a personal pursuit, it’s easy to mark up edits on any PDF file, from anywhere. Take advantage of Adobe Acrobat online services to get it done quickly.

From an essay for a school friend to a project with a work colleague, if you have a document to review you need the ability to annotate it with additions, deletions, changes, and comments. Plus, you’ll want to share those edits with your collaborators.

Learn how easy it is to mark up a PDF and share it with Adobe Acrobat online services.

Mark up edits to a PDF on an iPhone.

First, tap the Select A File button. From here, the screen will show the location that contains your files. Pick the one you need or navigate to another file — whether it’s on your device or accessible elsewhere. The file will upload for you, and then just sign in to Acrobat online from any web browser.

When the file opens, you’ll find a series of annotation tools. Need to indicate changes are needed? Use the highlight tool to leave a comment about what the highlighted phrase should be or choose the strikethrough tool to show where you want a deletion. Need to make a general comment about the document as a whole? Simply add a sticky note with an explanation.

You can also draw on the file pages, or even add text to it, with a series of colors available in the toolbar. After you finish annotating, you can do any of the following:

Your file is now ready to go to the next step, so you or a collaborator can carry out the annotated changes. Explore what more Acrobat online services offer for any project, large or small.