Should I create a cover letter PDF or Word doc?

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Discover the advantages of formatting your cover letter as a PDF. Learn how PDF tools can make creating your cover letters more seamless.

Should I send a cover letter as a PDF or Microsoft Word document? While there’s no hard and fast rule, there are huge benefits to using a cover letter PDF. If you’ve ever wondered what format a cover letter should be in, then this article is for you. With the help of a few answers here and some cutting-edge tools (especially a cover letter template), you’ll be on your way to creating a cover letter PDF that can help you stand out to prospective employers.

Can a cover letter be a PDF?

Absolutely. When it comes to choosing between a PDF or Word document for your cover letter, there are no hard and fast rules. Much like figuring out if you should make your resume one page or two, there are recommendations and common practices, but it can come down to personal preference. While a PDF can maintain consistent formatting and preserve document integrity, it’s important to consider any requirements or preferences stated by the recipient. Ultimately, the content and quality of your cover letter matter more than the file format you choose to use.

Why send a cover letter as a PDF instead of a Word file?

As with any professional tool, there are advantages and disadvantages to your options for formatting and sending your cover letters. Notably, sending your cover letter as a PDF has some widely accepted pros over using the Word document format:

Still wondering if you should send your cover letter as a PDF or Word file? Try checking in with your potential employer to see if they have a preference.

How to write a cover letter PDF with ease.

Ready to craft a standout cover letter in PDF format? Follow these simple steps to create a professional and polished document that will impress potential employers. Whether you’re starting from scratch or modifying a trusted template, we’ve got you covered.

  1. Choose the right template. Start by selecting a suitable cover letter template designed for use in PDF format. You can find a variety of templates online, such as those provided in our cover letter guide. These templates offer a structured format that you can customize to fit your needs.
  1. Gather your information. Before you begin writing, gather all the necessary information to include in your cover letter. This typically includes contact details, the recipient’s information, a professional salutation, an engaging opening paragraph, a concise overview of your qualifications, relevant accomplishments, and a closing paragraph expressing your interest in the position.
  1. Format and structure. Pay attention to the formatting and structure of your cover letter. Use a clear and professional font, such as Arial or Times New Roman, and maintain consistent font sizes throughout. Organize your content into paragraphs, ensuring each paragraph has a clear purpose and is easy to read. No matter how you choose to craft your ideal cover letter, remember that — above all — you’ll need to take note and abide by your potential employer’s instructions and format your files to their preferences.
  1. Tailor the content. Customize your cover letter for each job application. Highlight relevant skills and experiences that align with the job requirements. Use specific examples to demonstrate your qualifications and achievements, showcasing how you can contribute to the organization’s success.
  1. Proofread and edit. Thoroughly proofread your cover letter to ensure it’s free from errors, such as typos, grammatical mistakes, and formatting inconsistencies. It’s helpful to read it aloud or ask someone else to review it for a fresh perspective. Make any necessary revisions before finalizing the document.
  1. Save as PDF. Once you are satisfied with your cover letter, save it as a PDF file. If you’ve already created the perfect cover letter using Word, you can convert it to a PDF. Choose the PDF format from the dropdown menu and save the file to your desired location.
  1. Review the final PDF. Open the saved PDF file to verify that the formatting, layout, and content appear as intended. Ensure the document retains its professional appearance across different devices and operating systems.

Tips on formatting a cover letter PDF professionally.

Want your cover letter to make a strong visual impact? Follow these essential tips to ensure your cover letter PDF stands out as a clean, well-organized, and professional document. From choosing the right fonts to utilizing PDF-compatible tools, we’ve got you covered with simple yet effective strategies that will elevate your cover letter to the next level.

Explore your PDF possibilities.

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