Create a standout cover letter template.

Learn how to write a cover letter that will help you land a job interview.

A compelling cover letter sets the great job candidates apart from the rest. It’s your chance to introduce yourself, tell your story, and make your best case for the job at hand. Yet it can get overwhelming to write a totally unique cover letter for every job application.

That’s why you want to have the basics in place, so that you can easily customize your case for each opportunity you encounter. Learn how to craft an engaging cover letter template for your job search process.

Cover letter PDF building blocks.

Once you get your cover letter template building blocks in place, you can use it for all your job applications with a few simple tweaks. Make sure your template includes these essential components:

Make your template.

Explore how to make customizable cover letter PDF templates with Adobe Acrobat for a quick and stress-free cover letter writing process, and enjoy other features that allow you to convert files like Microsoft Word to PDF, split PDF files, add pages to PDF documents, and more.