Adobe Flash Player EOL Enterprise Information Page


As previously announced in July 2017, Adobe will stop distributing and updating Flash Player after December 31, 2020. As we approach this end-of-life (EOL) date, we want to provide our enterprise customers with additional information and answers to commonly asked questions. For general information on Flash Player’s EOL, please see our general FAQ . To help our enterprise customers mitigate Flash Player support and security concerns, we will be implementing the following features throughout 2020:

Multiple commercial support options available

For enterprise customers that need help transitioning their Flash content to other supported technologies or require Flash Player licensing support after 2020, please contact our official distribution licensing partner, HARMAN, for more information about their commercial support offerings. 

HARMAN will be the official enterprise distributor for Flash Player providing support and security updates beyond 2020. HARMAN has a long-standing history as a Flash partner, maintains knowledge of the platform and ecosystem, and is well-positioned to support our enterprise customers through this transition given more than a decade of experience.  

Potential services provided by HARMAN may include, but are not limited to: 

  • Transitioning Flash content to alternate technologies

  • Creating custom downloadable applications that will load specified Flash content for end user distribution 

  • Providing updated Flash Player installers that will allow Flash to run with compatible browsers in an internal environment 

Enterprise enablement support

Starting with the February 2020 release of Flash Player, enterprise administrators will have the option to enable domain-level whitelist support via Flash Player configuration files. When enabled, enterprise admins will be able to specify the domains where Flash playback is allowed so that exposure to unknown content is limited. Full details can be found in our Flash Player Administration guide (see ‘Enterprise Enablement’ section).  

As of December 31, 2020, use of the domain-level whitelist will not be supported by Adobe and any use of this whitelist is at the enterprise company’s own risk. As always, Adobe recommends that all customers use the most secure and updated versions of Flash Player distributed by Adobe until the EOL Date. Beyond 2020, enterprise customers should contact HARMAN for more information about commercial support options for Flash Player.  

Prompting users to uninstall

Flash Player is installed on hundreds of millions of systems worldwide.  While many browsers will stop loading Flash Player at the end of 2020, Adobe will be taking steps to help secure users' systems by prompting them to uninstall the Flash Player plugin starting later this year. Please note that Flash Player’s ability to run is dependent on browser support so please check with the appropriate browser vendor for more details.  

Uninstalling Flash Player is optional, but Adobe recommends removing unused components promptly to keep our customers and their systems more secure.  Administrators can suppress these uninstall prompts by setting preferences available in the Flash Player configuration files.  Full details can be found in the Flash Player Administration guide (see ‘Suppressing EOL Uninstall Prompts’ section).

Flash playback blocked by default

Once Adobe’s support for Flash Player ends, and to help secure customers' systems, Adobe will block Flash Player playback by default. This action may be overridden if an enterprise administrator has activated enterprise enablement support (see above).  Please note that Flash Player’s ability to run is dependent on browser support so please check with the appropriate browser vendor for more details. 

Domains that have been explicitly whitelisted will continue to load and play Flash content normally through the end of 2020 and beyond.  Full details can be found in the Flash Player Administration guide (see ‘Enterprise Enablement’ section).  Use of the enterprise enablement preferences are at your own risk and Adobe will not be providing support past December 31, 2020.  

Browser support for Flash Player will vary by company.  To learn the latest details, please visit the below sites hosted by these browser vendors:

Will Flash Player still work after 2020?

Adobe will continue issuing regular Flash Player security patches, maintain OS and browser compatibility, and add features and capabilities as needed through the end of 2020.

 After 2020, Flash Player playback will be blocked by default. This can be overridden by using enterprise enablement functionality available in Adobe’s latest release of Flash Player.  Use of the domain-level whitelist is at your own risk and Adobe will not be providing support past December 31, 2020.  Please see our Flash Player Administration guide (see ‘Enterprise Enablement’ section) for details. We recommend enterprise customers contact our official distribution licensing partner, HARMAN, for more information about commercial support offerings beyond 2020. 

Which browsers will still load Flash Player after 2020?

Please note that Flash Player’s ability to run is dependent on browser support so please check with the appropriate browser vendor for more details. To learn the latest details, please visit the below sites hosted by these browser vendors:

Will Adobe make Flash Player available for download after 2020?

No, Flash Player will no longer be available for download from Adobe after 2020.  Enterprise customers that need Flash Player support or licensing after 2020 should contact our official distribution licensing partner, HARMAN, for more information about commercial support offerings beyond 2020. 

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