Enhancing the beauty of photographs.

Balancing contrast, shadow, temperature, and clarity in your photos is simple with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. Explore the capabilities of the best photo enhancer for crafting stunning imagery.

Beautiful comparison of an original photo of flowers to an enhanced photo of flowers.

Don’t shy away from photo enhancing.

Even the best photographers in the world need to edit and enhance their photos. With Adobe Photoshop Lightroom at your fingertips, you have the same tools as the professionals to edit, manipulate, and optimize any imagery. The opportunities for enhancing your image with Lightroom provide endless possibilities for experimenting with new aesthetics.


Two great perks to working in Lightroom.

As a nondestructive photo editor, Lightroom saves your edits separately from the original image. This makes your changes completely reversible, ensuring your enhancing edits are permanent only when you want them to be. Just export your photo as a JPG or PNG file to save those edits and make them permanent.


The Auto button, powered by AI data from real photographers, is a great place to start enhancing photographs. The auto feature quickly analyzes the content of your photograph and makes adjustments to your image. With a single click, you can instantly fix exposure, color correct, and balance the tones in your photo. At the very least, this auto-enhance feature is a great starting point for adjusting your image. From there, you can tweak white balance, sharpen your image, or reduce noise.

Editing the same image in Lightroom on a smartphone and a laptop.

Find the right enhancement tools to edit photos.

Correct the white balance.

Adjusting your white balance is the process of removing unrealistic color casts from your images. Correct your white balance in Lightroom, then take the opportunity to experiment with light and color to create endless variations of your favorite photo. 


Add clarity to your photograph.

Bring your dull photos to life by adjusting the Clarity and Dehaze sliders in Lightroom. These intuitive controls let you enhance the sharpness, detail, and texture of your image by increasing the contrast of your midtones. Play with the controls and you may just reveal hidden detail and color in your images.


Sharpen your images.

The Sharpening sliders in Lightroom can help create the illusion of detail by adding contrast to the edges in your photographs. With multiple controls available to tweak and edit your sharpening, you can achieve the specific level of detail you’re looking for without creating a hazy image.


Experiment with noise reduction.

Distracting digital noise in your photos is usually caused by low light or a high ISO setting on your camera. Completely removing digital noise is never possible, but you can make it less distracting with a photo enhancer. Quickly reduce this excess visual distortion with controls in Lightroom.


Tweak saturation with photo editing.

One way to enhance your photos is by making dull colors pop with the Saturation and Vibrance tools in Lightroom. The Saturation tool adjusts the intensity of all colors in your photo. Alternately, the Vibrance slider can tweak the image’s overall saturation levels while protecting existing skin tone saturation.


Enhance your photos anywhere.

Adjust any unwanted color correction, apply a filter effect, balance light, remove haze, or tweak a portion of your image with selective edits on any device. You can enhance your photos wherever and whenever with the Lightroom mobile app.


See photo enhancing in action.

Enhancing a picture of a bowl of soup in Lightroom.

Get a taste for photo enhancing.

Creating appetizing food photography is easier said than done. Learn how to create natural tones and colors in your food photos. Soon, your images will look good enough to eat. 


Bringing out the reflection of a man in a window with image enhancements.

Enhance mood and atmosphere.

By adjusting color, perspective, contrast, or highlights and shadows, you can add atmosphere and life to your photographs. Take a look at this process and turn everyday moments into beautiful, timeless images.

Portrait headshot image of a woman next to brown paper package tied up with string.

Edit the perfect portrait.

Do away with blemishes, highlights, and unwanted shadows by using a Brush tool to add photo enhancements into your portraits. With some simple retouching, you can enhance details in your work and edit your way to a beautiful headshot.


Whether you stick with auto image enhancements or experiment with enhancing edits on your own, Lightroom has the editing tools to help you create stunning images.

Edit your photos online today.

Fine-tune your photos right from your browser with the Adobe Photoshop Express online editor. Crop, retouch, and adjust your photos in just a few clicks. Get unlimited edits with a free account.


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Enhance your photos with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.

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