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Updated Oct 10, 2018.


This document is designed for administrators and other enterprise IT professionals who manage Acrobat products. It is not intended for end users. Most of the details here pertain to registry and plist level preferences, enterprise technologies, and features that require administrator privileges to use.


  • 11.x products have reached their end of life. For details, see the blog. As described in the FAQ, Adobe recommends you migrate your product to DC and use Named User Deployment.
  • Licensing change for ETLA customers installing the Continuous track: Effective September 5, 2017 Adobe is discontinuing Acrobat DC serial numbers. See Migrating serialized to named user installs.
  • 2017 Classic track release: A new major version of the Classic track was released on June 6, 2017. The version number is 2017, and all documentation, scripts, and product paths have been updated to reflect the new version.

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