Get more help

The user community is an excellent resource. Feel free to ask a question on the Adobe Scan Forum.

Resolve errors

Why is the app asking for photo and camera access?

To use the camera or photo, you must provide the app access. For configuration details, see Adjust borders.

Why can’t I install Adobe Scan on my device?

The app can only be installed on 64-bit devices with iOS 10.0 and later.

Refresh failed. Please check your network connection.

  • Verify you have a good network connection. For example, open a browser and try to open a web page.

  • If you do not have wifi enabled, verify you have checked Allow Upload on Cellular.

Why do I see “Unable to Modify Scan: Files that have been altered outside of Adobe Scan cannot be modified”?

You cannot modify scanned files which have been altered outside of Adobe Scan. For example, if you have opened a scan in Acrobat and have added comments, added attachments, organized pages, and so on, Adobe Scan will not be able to modify that file.

Troubleshoot OCR

Why can’t I select, edit, and comment or markup text in my OCR’ed document?

Working with converted text requires Acrobat Reader. While you can open and preview your OCR’ed scan in Adobe Scan, you need to install Acrobat Reader and tap Open in Acrobat to work with the text.

Why does OCR not appear to work on parts of my document?

Because OCR is a complex conversion that relies on consuming recognizable text, certain document characteristics may degrade the quality of optical character recognition output. For example, the following conditions may impair OCR quality:

  • A dark colored background

  • A source document with multiple languages

  • A rotated source document

  • Scanning under light conditions that are too bright or dark

  • A network connection and an Adobe cloud storage connection is required

Why does OCR text recognition not work or produce a result in English?

The app is localized in 19 languages and supports text recognition for all of those languages. However, note the following:

  • If the app is installed on an OS using an unsupported language, the default output is English.

  • If you’ve selected a language to recognize that doesn’t match the document language, OCR produces no output. For example, the scanned document is German and you set Danish as the text recognition language.

Determine your app version

  1. Tap settingsicon > About Adobe Scan.

Determine who is logged in

The currently logged in user can be viewed by tapping settingsicon

Find your OS version

  1. Open your device’s settings screen.

  2. Tap General > About.

The Version field displays your software version.

View your subscriptions

  1. Tap settingsicon

By default, you should see your name as well as a list of current subscriptions.