Release notes

Stay ahead with the latest! Update Adobe Acrobat Sign app for a faster, easier, and enhanced experience.

August, 2023 (V 3.29)

This release includes the following new feature:

Enable push notifications: iOS mobile users can now enable push notifications in their Acrobat Sign app. These notifications keep users informed about new documents requiring their attention and also notify senders when documents are signed, rejected, or completed. If desired, users can disable push notifications through their device settings.

This feature is available on iOS versions 15 and above for users managed on the Adobe Admin Console.

July, 2022 (V 3.26.1)

Besides performance and stability enhancements, this release includes re-branding of Adobe Sign to Adobe Acrobat Sign.

October, 2021 (V 3.26)

This release includes performance and stability enhancements.

Fixed issues

  • Improved permissions for location capture with the agreement Sender as the controller of the signing location data.

  • Resolved the issue where agreements get stuck in the ‘waiting to sync’ stage. Users can log out and log in again to push the agreements to the next stage of ‘Completed’ or ‘Waiting for others’.