Author once. Author for all devices

Adobe Captivate 9 reimagines mobile learning authoring for a multi-device world. Easily convert your ideas to storyboards, on the iPad using Adobe Captivate Draft, and bring them in Adobe Captivate 9. Author as you always have and content will re-arrange itself to deliver superior mobile learning experience across all devices. Learn more

Use Adobe Captivate 9 for:

Multi-screen responsive eLearning authoring:

Author as you always have—content rearranges itself for the new tablet and mobile views. Tweak content for a specific device, and use the in-product preview to see how your project will appear on various screens using five breakpoints. Publish as a single project and automatically deliver the most appropriate experience for your learner’s device.
Multi-screen responsive eLearning Authoring



Adobe Captivate Draft

Storyboarding using Adobe Captivate Draft.

Convert your ideas into storyboards complete with eLearning elements such as content and question slides, branching logic, and more. Create storyboards in minutes using the all-new iOS app Adobe Captivate Draft, and share them for real-time, collaborative reviewing on the cloud. Simply import your storyboards into Adobe Captivate 9, and publish them, to seamlessly generate responsive projects.



Multidevice Previews:

View exactly how your content will look on desktops, tablets and mobile phones. Preview your project on stage or browser selecting from five resolution breakpoints, or use the free Adobe Edge Inspect app to see how it will look on a physical mobile device. Check how your courses will appear on various screens, vertically or horizontally, using the in-preview scroll functionality.
Multidevice Previews



Best-in-class HTML5 publishing

Best-in-class HTML5 publishing:

Import your PowerPoint project into Adobe Captivate 9 and retain text, shapes, audio, and animations, when you publish them directly to HTML5. Make your eLearning content more mobile with full support for scalable HTML5, mobile themes, play bar, and the ability to pause and resume anywhere, anytime, and on virtually any device. Also publish HTML5 courses directly to Adobe Captivate Prime or Adobe Connect.