How to use Content-Aware Fill in Photoshop.

1. Select it

Use the Object Selection tool to click the thing you want to remove. Hold Shift and click the next object to select them both at once.

2. Make it disappear

Right-click and select Content-Aware Fill. Use Subtract mode to brush over areas of the image you don’t want to sample from, like the lead singer. 

3. Copy it

Change the Output Settings to Duplicate Layer.

4. Make it seamless

Right-click and choose Deselect to uncouple from the selection you made earlier. Select and use the Spot Healing Brush tool to erase any lingering bits.

Using Content-Aware Fill to edit a photo of three men in a band

Make precise selections instantly.

Save time by automatically selecting what you want to replace. Hover over an object, click once and keep creating.

Using the Photoshop Sampling Brush to edit a photo of two men in a band

Set up your new selection for success.

After selecting what you’d like to remove, use the Sampling Brush to choose your sampling area and replace the object seamlessly.

Arms holding out a music album inside of a recording studio

Keep backgrounds looking natural.

After you remove an object from your background, use Fill settings to make your touch-up work virtually undetectable.