These Adobe Enterprise Licensing Terms govern the procurement of Adobe Products and Services as set forth in the Sales Order (or other ordering document) which references this site. If the Sales Order references a prior version of these terms, please select the correct version from the Historical versions menu below.


General Terms


General Terms

Product Specific Licensing Terms (PSLTs)


Analytics: Managed Services  (effective as of 6 March 2017)

Analytics Premium  (effective through 6 March 2017)


Audience Manager

Campaign: Cloud Messaging On-demand

Campaign: Classic On-premise

Campaign Premium and Ultimate Managed Services ( formerly  Campaign Managed Services)

Campaign Premium and Ultimate On-premise ( formerly Campaign On-premise)

Campaign Standard On-demand

Captivate Prime


Connect Managed Services 

Connect On-demand 

Connect On-premise 

Adobe Creative Cloud and Adobe Document Cloud 

Desktop Software

Acrobat Sign

Experience Manager (AEM) On-premise 

Experience Manager (AEM) Managed Services Basic

Experience Manager (AEM) Managed Services

Experience Manager (AEM) On-demand Services - AEM Mobile


InDesign Server

Livefyre (a part of AEM)

Media Optimizer – Dynamic Creative Optimization

Media Optimizer – Search and DSP

Media Optimizer – Standard and Premium (with Ad Serving & Tracking) 

Media Server

Adobe Primetime Ad Decisioning

Adobe Primetime Ad Insertion and Ad Transcoding

Adobe Primetime Authentication

Adobe Primetime Cloud DRM

Adobe Primetime Cloud Multi-DRM, powered by ExpressPlay

Adobe Primetime Concurrency Monitoring

Adobe Primetime DRM

Adobe Primetime TVSDK (formerly Adobe Primetime Platform)

Adobe Primetime TV Media Management