Adobe Sensei empowers you to create — and wow your customers.

You were hired to create, not to spend hours on end searching for stock photos or tagging videos. With Adobe Sensei taking care of everything from organising, editing and producing, you can focus your energy on what you actually love — ideating, experimenting and creating.

For example, watch how Adobe Sensei can help you reframe video in seconds.


Find what you need. Faster. 
Use powerful intuitive search in Adobe Stock and Adobe Photoshop Lightroom to find the right assets for the right moment.

Timesavers make creation effortless. 
Eliminate time-consuming tasks with features in Adobe Premiere Rush, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign and much more, so you have more time for creating.

Amazing effects at your fingertips. 
Unleash your creativity to design without limits in apps like Adobe Dimension, Adobe Character Animator and more.

Meet Adobe Firefly.

Dream bigger, experiment and create an infinite range of images with Firefly generative AI. New in Creative Cloud, now available for commercial use.