Adobe Sensei empowers you to create — and wow your customers.

You were hired to create, not to spend hours on end searching for stock photos or tagging videos. With Adobe Sensei taking care of everything from organizing, editing, and producing, you can focus your energy on what you actually love — ideating, experimenting, and creating.

For example, watch how Adobe Sensei can help you reframe video in seconds.


Find what you need. Faster. 
Use powerful intuitive search in Adobe Stock and Adobe Photoshop Lightroom to find the right assets for the right moment.

Timesavers make creation effortless. 
Eliminate time-consuming tasks with features in Adobe Premiere Rush, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, and much more, so you have more time for creating.

Amazing effects at your fingertips. 
Unleash your creativity to design without limits in apps like Adobe Dimension, Adobe Character Animator, and more.


“We’re improving the quality of our designs because we don’t need to spend hours searching for the right photograph or editing complicated artwork.”


Nick David, Senior Graphic Designer, Vistaprint

AI opens creative possibilites.

AI and machine learning are here to handle the time-consuming parts of your job that can easily be automated, so you have more time to be creative. For example, 74% of creatives recently surveyed by Pfeiffer Consulting said they spent more than 50% of their time on non-creative tasks — a huge opportunity for AI to help. Check out the article to learn more.

Learn how Adobe Sensei enhances Creative Cloud

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Adobe Photoshop

Seamlessly fill a selected portion of an image with content sampled from other parts of the image.

Automatically detect faces and facial features in an image, and then use intelligent controls to manipulate facial features accurately and easily. 

Automatically segment images, generating foreground masks that users can select and apply for image editing in specific regions. It’s an easy, efficient, accurate way to do a tedious and manual process.

Quickly and intuitively create and edit paths in an image, removing the complexity of creating high-quality curves to allow designers to create more intuitively.

Automatically select an object in an image when you draw a shape around it. The shape doesn’t need to be precise to outline and select a precise area of an image for further editing.

Enables users to make complex selections with a click and drag.

Bring the best out of your photos.

Adobe Sensei is a key reason Photoshop remains the gold standard of digital imaging, graphic design, and photo editing. Today, Adobe Sensei powers some of the most essential and powerful features of Photoshop to give you unparalleled creative control. 

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Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

Make photo editing even easier.

Adobe Sensei is an integral part of Lightroom, powering some of the most useful features that help save time and streamline the photo editing process. Take a look and learn more.

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Adobe Sensei machine learning automatically applies tags to photos, so intuitive keyword searches automatically surface the images you’re looking for — no manual tagging required.

Automatically suggest the best edits for the most common slide controls, including contrast, exposure, highlights, shadows, whites, blacks, saturation, and vibrance.

Recovers fine details usually lost in digital image processing and editing.

Adobe Illustrator

Modify objects organically without redrawing or modifying each anchor point, speeding the process to create different variants of a graphic.

Automatically identify similar vector shapes in a document and edit all shapes in one go. This helps speed up the process of repeating shapes on the canvas.

Quickly and intuitively create and edit paths in an image, removing the complexity previously required to create high-quality, continuous curves — so you can save time.

Create richly colored output with much less effort, making coloring vector graphics intuitive and easy. Plus, it’s easy to make subsequent edits to both the geometry of underlying curves as well as the color.

Create meaningful default crop rectangles by using the AI-powered suggestions based on the image you provide.

Create, edit, and design faster than ever.

Your favorite vector graphics editor is even better, faster, and stronger with AI. Adobe Sensei takes time-consuming tasks and makes them engaging, simple, and efficient.

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Adobe Premiere Pro and Premiere Rush

Use AI to help you tell powerful video stories.

Modern video editing relies on AI and machine learning to create the very best product. And with Adobe Sensei in Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Premiere Rush, you’re ready to do the same — every time.

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Automatically match the color consistency on key elements within a frame, ensuring consistency within a scene without requiring manual tweaking.

Automatically and dynamically adjust the volume on music or dialogue when other elements are present.

Deliver more polished interviews by smoothing out jump cuts between sound bites in talking head sequences.

In Premiere Rush, automatically tag audio content as containing primarily dialogue, music, or other. When imported into a timeline, this classification makes certain content-specific effects and options available.

Automatically create creations like slideshows or collages, using important events identified with user tags and auto-generated content tags.

Automatically and dynamically change the aspect ratio of videos while keeping important subjects in frame.

Adobe Character Animator

Match recorded voice and acted-out motions from audio or a webcam video recording with an animated character or puppet, letting the character mimic the visual and sound in real time.

Automatically build puppets based on images taken from your web cam, stylizing the puppet in an art style of your choice.

Animation made easy. Really easy.

We’ve used Adobe Sensei technology in Adobe Character Animator to make it faster and easier to bring your characters to life.

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Adobe After Effects

Create even better videos with AI in After Effects.

Adobe Sensei is a part of After Effects, making it even easier for you to transfer your ideas to the big screen, the little screen, or any screen in-between.

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Quickly remove unwanted objects like boom mics, logos, or even people. Winner of the NAB Show 2019 Product of the Year Award.

Adobe Audition

Automatically fit the music of your choice to the length you specify.

Automatically and dynamically adjust the volume on music or dialogue when other elements are present, analyzing audio to understand where sound should be adjusted for the best final product.

Smoother digital editing. Better finished products.

Adobe Sensei helps streamline digital audio workflows in Adobe Audition by cutting down on the time it takes to do certain tasks so you can create the best end product.

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Adobe InDesign

Goodbye, Gutenberg. Hello, InDesign.

Laying out copy and graphics can be a time-consuming process involving multiple steps — especially when you’re creating layouts for different screens. But with Adobe Sensei, Adobe InDesign helps make that entire process much easier and faster — so you can prepare your layouts for different screens in no time.

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Analyze font characteristics such as glyphs for all fonts in your system. Then, identify other fonts similar to the currently selected font.

Drastically reduce the number of steps to properly fit graphical content in InDesign documents by letting Adobe Sensei identify the best part in the content and fitting it into the frame automatically..

Adobe Dimension

Speed the 3D design process and create more realistic results, using a background image to detect different properties of an image and apply them to a scene.

Select sections of a 3D model that may not be manually segmented, making selection faster, smarter, and more efficient.

Eliminate tedious steps and place graphics on your 3D model much more quickly and intuitively.

Reduce the total time for rendering with technology that uses data from the rendering engine to give highly accurate image denoising results by understanding the context associated with different objects, materials, and textures.

Amazing 3D creativity — with machine learning.

AI and machine learning help you create high-quality 3D models, avoiding costly photoshoots. Adobe Sensei powers features in Adobe Dimension, letting you create realistic lighting, apply decals, and more.

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Adobe Stock

Take the pain out of stock searches.

Combing through stock photos is an arduous process, and trying to find the perfect for the perfect piece of content can take forever. Adobe Stock uses Adobe Sensei to speed up the entire process — so you can find the photos you need in a flash.

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Quickly find stock images similar to another image.

Find images that focus on a subject while blurring the other elements of the photograph.

Control whether your results are bright and colorful or darker, cooler, muted colors.

Filter images based on available space for copy, including natural and staged locations.

Surface high-quality content from the creator and improve consumer satisfaction and engagement.

When searching for similar stock assets, take advantage of re-sorting tools like content, color, and composition.

Review suggested titles for uploaded content and either accept, reject, or edit them.

Detect faces in photos that have not been assigned a model release and receive a warning of a potential missing release.

Adobe Fonts

Identify the font type of texts when a text region is well-segmented out and fed to a pretrained neural network.

Find fonts from our library of more than 5,300 fonts that are visually similar to images of type that you submit.

Find the perfect font every time.

In a world of countless fonts, Adobe Sensei in Adobe Fonts makes it easy to search, manage, and find the exact right font for your projects.

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Adobe Fresco

Bring your digital canvas to life.

Whether you’re an artist, illustrator animator, or anyone who loves to draw and paint, Adobe Sensei in Adobe Fresco helps you enjoy a natural painting and drawing experience. All in a digital format.

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Harness the power of Adobe Sensei with live brushes that look, feel, and act like the real thing. Create watercolors that bleed in real time, or build up paint thickness for a 3D effect.

Adobe Capture Mobile

Identify the font type of texts when a text region is well-segmented out and fed to a pretrained neural network to deliver an automatic font identification experience.

Improve edges captured through an image on a mobile device by identifying and cleaning the shadows in the image.

Make captures even better with AI.

Imagine looking through your phone camera and seeing patterns, vectors, and fonts. Adobe Sensei in the Adobe Capture mobile app lets you do just that, recognizing content to improve quality and find similar fonts.

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Adobe Color Service

A rainbow of color opportunities.

Make it easier to find the perfect color combinations for your design materials. Adobe Color Service, powered by Adobe Sensei, helps you choose harmonious and appealing color combos for your projects — so you can get the perfect combo every time.

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Create color themes that you can use across Adobe products.


Display content that is related to the content you have already liked or appreciated by using a form of collaborative filtering to predict which content you will likely appreciate or view.

An easier way to find the art you love.

Behance is one of the leading portfolio and self-promotion sites for creative professionals and artists around the world. And when you combine that with Adobe Sensei, you get a seamless experience that helps you get the most out of the site so you can search and find the art you appreciate.

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Adobe Spark

Effortless creativity just got even easier.

Adobe Spark lets you create, design, and publish creative materials like portfolios, presentations, and more — even if you have no design experience at all. With Adobe Sensei, Adobe Spark helps you along the design process, recommending copy placement, generating the best image crops, and suggesting content layouts. So you can design beautiful content in no time.

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Use a deep neural network to predict image saliency for an image, and then use the saliency map for various design tasks, such as text placement, cropping, and layout suggestions.

Predict the role of each feature in a post as well as designer color profiles by feature. Combined with heuristic intelligence, this feature lets you rapidly explore colors.

With a few taps, rapidly explore different graphic design layout options.

Automatically repositions design elements in an aesthetically pleasing way when changing the canvas design.

Enables users to quickly explore professionally designed typography and style suggestions.

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