Distribute Adobe Flash Player


Adobe Flash Player is available for distribution and use in multi-user installations. This includes distributing Flash Player to systems within your department or organisation or on fixed media with your software product or multimedia experience. Adobe also provides a Flash Player catalogue for licensing and use with the Microsoft Systems Management Server (SMS) 2003 R2 Customised Updates Publishing Tool (CUPT) and the Microsoft System Centre Configuration Manager (SCCM/ConfigMgr) System Centre Updates Publisher (SCUP). Learn more about Flash Player licensing.


Read the FAQ for answers to common questions about web player licensing.

Licence Overview

You may post Adobe Flash Player on company intranet sites or local networks. You may also distribute the Players on a CD, DVD or any other physical media within the terms and conditions of the electronic Player Distribution Licence Agreement.

Please note:  Royalty-free Flash Player distribution is limited to specific desktop and laptop operating systems. Distribution restrictions are specified in the licence agreement. Distribution on devices is subject to a licensing fee and different licensing terms.  Please contact an Adobe Mobile & Devices representative if you are interested in licensing Flash Player for distribution on digital home devices.

Here is a brief summary of the rights granted by this licence:

  • Licensee is permitted to distribute Adobe Web Players to multiple clients in a closed intranet environment.
  • Licensee is permitted to distribute Adobe Web Players to multiple end-users by including the Player installers on CDs, DVDs or other physical media.
  • Usage of Adobe Web Players is only permitted for supported platforms; usage rights on non-PC devices or embedded systems are not granted by this licence.
  • Licensee must use the installers as-is without modification.Licensees, at their discretion, are entitled to display the Flash Enabled and/or Shockwave logos on products or intranet sites according to the Style Guide.

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Apply for a Licence

The application will take a few minutes to complete and will require you to provide general information about your intended use of Flash Player. At the end, you will be provided with a link to the installers by email. User must only use their organisation email IDs. Use of public email IDs like gmail, yahoo etc., are restricted.