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Better technical content fuels better business results. The 2022 Adobe Technical Communication Survey heard from more than 700 technical writers and content strategists across dozens of industries. Learn how your peers are approaching trends and defining priorities to create quality technical content.

Benefits of Adobe FrameMaker

Modernize technical content with a robust and powerful authoring and publishing solution. Adobe FrameMaker is the reliable, market-leading choice for creating intelligent, immersive and multilingual technical content, and publishing it to PDF, HTML5 and other evolving delivery channels.

Scalable and powerful authoring

Easily create and update long, complex structured and unstructured content in a single, powerful authoring environment. Produce engaging documentation efficiently by leveraging the intuitive navigation and WYSIWYG views, and tools for inserting rich media in a template-based environment.

Omnichannel publishing

Generate best-in-class WYSIWYG PDFs. Leverage out-of-the-box capabilities for multichannel publishing, import responsive HTML5, EPUB, Kindle and more. Schedule publishing tasks faster with automated workflows.

Extended reach

Engage global audience with out-of-the-box translation support using XLIFF. Ensure greater content accessibility with 508-compliant PDFs for desktop and mobile.

Improved productivity

Simplify collaboration with online review via Adobe Acrobat*. Maximize content reuse across documents, and smoothly import legacy content into structured and unstructured formats. Author content once and publish across multiple channels. Take advantage of templates, content migration framework, and publishing automation to deliver content faster.

*Adobe Acrobat desktop and online services require an Adobe Technical Communication Suite subscription.

How Adobe FrameMaker is different

Reliably scale technical content

Use a proven solution to create and publish rapidly evolving and large volumes of technical content. Maximize flexibility and modernization efforts by supporting structured and unstructured content.

Style and publish best-in-class PDFs

From the makers of PDF, publish stunning and compliant PDF outputs for all your technical documentation needs, both print and digital.

Integrate with Adobe Experience Manager

Easily manage content in Adobe Experience Manager, an AI-powered content management and digital asset management system, directly from within FrameMaker.

Real results realized

800,000+ users across 40,000+ companies worldwide trust Adobe Technical Communication tools to deliver measurable gains!

“HOMAG chose Adobe FrameMaker for DITA authoring because we could customize it to work seamlessly with SAP ERP. We had been looking at FrameMaker for close to 20 years but didn’t have an opportunity to move off Microsoft Word until now.”

- Andreas Wolf

Head of Technical Documentation, HOMAG Group

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“Using a single source of unstructured content, Ciena’s document team could lose a full day per 200-page manual fixing formatting errors. These issues don’t arise now that we’re authoring in DITA with the new release of Adobe FrameMaker.”

- Susanna Carlisi    

Content Strategist & Tools Specialist, Ciena

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