Negative prompts 101.

Negative prompts are just another tool for guiding AI art generators. Just as you use text to prompt the engine to create images with certain elements, you can use text to prompt it to avoid others.

When should you use negative prompts in AI art generation?

castle on the beach

Why create AI art with negative prompts.

How to use negative prompts in Firefly.

Adobe Firefly logo

1. Open Firefly.

Go to the Adobe Firefly Text to Image module.

2. Generate images.

Type your prompts in the prompt field and click Generate to see the results. (Get more detailed tips on how to make AI-generated art.)

Firefly generated cute baby lamb running with different backgrounds
how to find advanced settings

3. Open Advanced Settings.

If you find elements in the image results that you want to remove, go to the control panel on the right, scroll down, and click Advanced Settings.

4. Add your negative prompt.

Type up to ten elements you want to exclude from the image in the prompt field. You can separate them by commas or click Enter or Return.

How to exclude from image in Firefly
Firefly generated image of lambs without clouds

5. Generate.

Click Generate again and check out the results.

If negative prompts don’t work, turn to Generative Fill.

negative prompt with dog and vase

Keep experimenting with Firefly.


What are negative prompts in AI art?

Negative prompts are text prompts that instruct the AI model that it should not include certain elements in its generated images.

How do negative prompts modify AI art images?

Negative prompts can provide additional guidance to the AI model, eliminating some resulting images that don’t fit the user’s needs.
How can negative prompts help remove unwanted elements from AI art?
Negative prompts help remove unwanted elements by eliminating them from the AI art generation. If your prompt is “a family gathering at home for dinner with their dog,” and you like every type of dog except pugs, you can type “pug” in the negative prompt field, and images including pugs will be excluded from influencing the generation.
Can negative prompts be used to emphasize certain aspects of AI art?
Yes. You can use negative prompts to emphasize certain aspects of the positive prompt. If you want to create an image of a vibrant, brightly colored garden lake with flamingos and tropical flowers, for example, you can add negative prompts like “muted colors,” “shadows,” and “dull green” to enhance the brightness of the image.

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