Can an invoice be handwritten?

Yes, invoices can be handwritten, but it’s not always a good idea. Here’s what you need to know about the risks and benefits of handwritten invoices.

Invoices are simply itemized lists of goods or services provided and payment terms for a customer. As long as they contain all the essential information, invoices can be printed, digital, handwritten, or presented in hieroglyphics. It all depends on what’s best for your brand’s image and the format customers will accept.

Handwritten invoices can work for small businesses.

In truth, it doesn’t matter what your invoice looks like as long as it contains the following basic information:

With the right information included, you can handwrite your invoices — just make sure the writing is neat and legible so that it’s easy to read.

Why you should avoid handwritten invoices.

Handwritten invoices may be easy but they’re not preferred for most business transactions. They simply don’t look as professional as printed or digital documents. This is why they’re typically only used for small or informal business transactions, such as lawn mowing or window washing.

Additionally, handwritten invoices are harder to process with accounting software, and many companies don’t accept them at all. So, as easy as handwriting an invoice might seem, it’s just as easy to download free invoice templates from any number of online sites.

Even if you use digital invoices, you can still have customers sign for goods and services with an e-signature software like Acrobat Sign. Once an invoice is sent, customers can add their legal signature with the click of a button.

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