What to include in a bid proposal.

Bid proposals are an important part of growing your business. Learn how to write a bid proposal and what information to include to beat the competition.

What is a bid proposal?

When a potential client needs work, they want to find the best company for the job. A bid proposal outlines specific plans for a project, the amount of time it will take, and what it will cost — all written in a way that makes the bid stand out from the competition and hopefully, secures the client’s business. It’s essentially a formal way to throw your hat into the ring.

How to write a bid proposal.

Bid proposals vary depending on the industry and the project, but the overall goal is to show the potential client how you’ll complete the project. Here are the key elements every bid proposal should include:

The best way to send bid proposals to potential clients is to save them as electronic documents. That way, you can forego the slow mail-in process and email your proposal directly to the potential client for even faster results.

Before pressing send, don’t forget to sign your bid proposal. Not only does it look official, but it also shows that you stand behind the bid and gives the potential client more confidence. You can sign e-docs with electronic signature software like Acrobat Sign to simplify the process.

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