Talking-head Screencast and Application Simulation

Simultaneously record webcam and on-screen content and capture actions like mouse movements, system audio, and keyboard activity. Watch video ›

Talking head Screencast

Talking head screencast

Simultaneously record webcam and on-screen content. Post editing, you can replace the background of your webcam feed with an image of your choice.

Screen Capture all screen actions

Screen capture all screen actions

Create a simulation demo by recording mouse, system audio, and keyboard activities on your screen as Adobe Captivate automatically creates ‘try it’ and ‘test me’ modules.

Mobile ready responsive simulations

Mobile-ready responsive simulations

Create a single project that can be seamlessly played across devices as Adobe Captivate detects screen activity in the recording window and zooms in on the areas in focus to create an immersive output for all mobile devices.

 Add interactivity to your existing videos

Make videos interactive by adding interactive overlays such as knowledge check questions, drag and drop or click and reveal interactions. Watch video ›


Liven up your videos by making them interactive

Convert your videos or videos from YouTube or Vimeo into an interactive video by adding interactive slides as overlays on top of your video. 

Add knowledge check slides and aid learner remediation

Test the knowledge of the viewer by asking question slides at different points in the video. If a question is answered incorrectly, take the learner back to revisit the relevant section of the course.

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