Cheers to Success: British-Inspired Congratulations Quotes and Sayings.

Find out the best ways to congratulate someone with quotes and sayings for everything from weddings to retirement.

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If there’s one thing the British know how to do, it’s congratulate people. Averse to criticism and anything that might be deemed remotely impolite, we take pride in celebrating others and enjoy making them feel good about their achievements.

Whether it’s saying congratulations on your new home, graduation or passing a driving test, there are plenty of ways to let someone know you’re proud of them.

If you’re looking for congratulations quotes or sayings to include in a celebratory card, Facebook post or Instagram Story, this handy guide should give you all the inspiration you need.

12 thoughtful congratulations quotes and sayings.

There are plenty of congratulations quotes and sayings that you can use to let your friend, family member or colleague know that you’re happy for them. Whether you’re going for something witty, heartfelt or humorous, choose any of the following congratulations messages and add them to a card, video message or social media post.

Are you celebrating a particular occasion or achievement? Check out some of these more specific congratulations quotes and sayings for different occasions.


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Celebrate the big day with 10 wedding congratulations quotes and sayings.

If love is in the air and it’s coming up to wedding season, you’ll want to send a heartfelt message to the bride and groom. They sent you a lovely wedding invitation, so why not return the favour with a wedding card that features a sincere wedding congratulations quote?

Send well wishes for an upcoming wedding with any of these marriage congratulations sayings:

You don’t have to wait until the wedding day to say congratulations. Find out how to congratulate someone who’s just got engaged with our “Congratulations on your engagement” blog post.

How to say “congratulations” on a graduation.

If anyone deserves a hats off moment, it’s a graduate. After toiling through heaps of essays and exams, countless lectures and seminars, and dealing with the general pressures of being a student, receiving a graduation card or message to say congratulations is sure to put a smile on their face.

Here are a few congratulations on your graduation sayings to include:

Proud congratulations quotes for passing a test or exam.

Passing an exam is another great achievement. Whether it’s GCSEs, A-Levels, a bar exam or a driving test, a heartfelt message to say congratulations for good results is sure to be appreciated.

Here are some congratulations quotes to let loved ones know you’re proud of them for passing a test or exam:

Looking for more inspiration? Check out our full guide to making an exam congratulations card or message.

Level up with these congratulations sayings for a new job or promotion.

Know someone who’s recently landed a new role? Let them know you’re happy for them with a card saying congratulations. Whether it’s a brand-new job or a promotion, a congratulatory message is sure to make them feel good about themselves and their achievement. Here are some examples:

Read more about the best ways to say “Congratulations on your new job” in our blog post.

Know someone who’s expecting? Share your congratulations with the parents-to-be.

The announcement of a little one deserves huge congratulations! A new baby is a big blessing, so you’ll want to send the warmest congratulations to the parent or parents-to-be. Whether it’s your colleague, friend or family member that’s announced a pregnancy, add any of these messages to a baby shower card or new baby card to send them your well wishes:

10 congratulations quotes for someone who’s retiring.

Retirement is a significant milestone that we all work towards, so it should be duly celebrated. Many people choose to take the humorous route when it comes to this occasion. But you could send loved ones a retirement card with a heartfelt message too!

If someone you know has finally reached retirement, let them know that you admire them with any of these retirement congratulations sayings:

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Good to know.

Can you say best wishes instead of congratulations?

Yes, in some cases, you can replace ‘congratulations’ with ‘best wishes’. However, there is a subtle difference between the two sayings. ‘Best wishes’ is often used as an expression of hope for the future, while ‘congratulations’ typically expresses praise for an achievement.

How do you write a short congratulations?

You can write a short congratulations message in many ways. For example, ‘congrats’, ‘well done’, ‘bravo’ and ‘cheers’ can be used to keep your well wishes short and sweet.

Is Adobe Express free?

Yes. The basic version of Adobe Express includes everything you need to start working creatively. Adobe Express offers thousands of design templates, images, videos and royalty-free photos, quick actions for processing images, plus much more. You can create a congratulations card for a friend, colleague or family member for a range of occasions, including a wedding, graduation or new baby.