From GCSEs to A-Levels and beyond: 35 ways to say congratulations on your exam results.



Studying for exams is no easy feat. So, it’s a nice feeling when people compliment your achievements. From GCSE and A-Level exams to getting graduate results back – it’s important to say congratulations to someone when they pass their exams.

Say hats off to your grandson, kudos to your sister and bravo to your brother. In this multiple-choice guide, find ways to acknowledge their efforts and say well done with Adobe Express.

Tips for making an exam congratulations card.

Sending a card is a great way to celebrate someone and give them a pat on the back for passing their exams. Write a personalised message by creating a card with Adobe Express, or show off your creative side and design a custom card from scratch.

With endless design options to choose from, here are a few of our top tips for designing the perfect congratulations card.


Consider their personality when designing their card. You could make a card that looks like a comic book or movie poster featuring a photo of them. It could be themed like a news report with details about their exams and study habits. You could even make it look like one of their favourite book covers.


Supersize your card for extra novelty effect. Perhaps they’ve finally passed their theory test or driving exam, or got onto the course they always dreamed about. Large cards can feel like more of a celebration of their achievement.


Consider their favourite colours when designing their card. Not sure what they love most? Think about complementary colours on the colour wheel, emotive colours, or go technicolour with a dash of everything. Think patterns, florals and illustrations.

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When you create a custom card, you can personalise the greeting on the front as well as the message inside. Do you want to leave it blank and write a personal message by hand or type your message?


Templates can be a great source of inspiration when you’re mapping out your personalised congrats card. You can copy elements you like from a template design or edit an existing template to give you a head start.

Editable exam congratulations card templates.

What to write in a congratulations card for passing your exams.

When you’ve worked hard to achieve your results, it feels good to be recognised by people who care. If someone you know has just passed their exams, don’t forget to send them your congratulations.

We’ve gathered a few examples of quick messages, witty notes and motivational quotes to help you say congrats.

10 short and sweet exam congratulations ideas.

Sometimes, all you need is a little line to say bravo for giving it your all. These can work especially well on the front of a card, on a social media post or even a banner.

10 witty ways to say congratulations for passing.

There’s nothing like a bit of British humour to say congratulations for passing your exams. If you think you know them well enough to have a little fun with their card, send a message to make them chuckle—or roll their eyes with a smile.

5 iconic congratulations quotes for passing exams.

Looking for something more insightful to inspire your scholar? Take a glance at these motivational quotes about the value of learning—and those that say, “You’ve got this”.

10 exam congratulations message ideas from teachers to students.

Looking for inspiration for what to write in a student’s card? Or a short congratulations message to go with their certificate? Let them know what a great job they did on their exams with a few special words.

Free congratulations templates for passing an exam.

More ways to say congratulations on your exam results.

Sending a card isn’t the only way to say well done. Get creative and celebrate their success by thinking outside the box.

Show how proud you are on social media.

Whether it’s shared on a family group chat or on your Instagram Story, why not create a little video or social post to show how proud you are?

Discover a range of Facebook and TikTok templates to get your ideas buzzing. Compile short video clips or create a slideshow of photos celebrating the star student. Better yet, you could plan a surprise party using a customised social post as the invitation.

Make a meme inspired by passing your exams.

Think your friend could make a good meme? Celebrate the end of exams with a bit of light humour. Perhaps you’ve got a photo of them half asleep and surrounded by coffee cups after a night of last-minute revision. Now’s your chance to turn it into a meme.

If you don’t have a photo to personalise into a meme, don’t worry. There are plenty of templates to bring to life with your own inside jokes and references.

Craft them something to remember their results day.

Flex your creative skills and celebrate their results day by crafting them a personal gift. Whether it’s by hand or online, make them something that shows how much you care.

Make them a collage of memories.

Surprise your friend with a collage or scrapbook. Fill it with your favourite memories of them or dedicate it to their time as a student. Take inspiration from their favourite films, TV shows, books, sports teams and musicians and make it all about them.

Blend the collage with some heartfelt congratulations messages to celebrate their results. That way, they’ll have something to look back on for years to come.

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Useful things to know.

What should you say if someone doesn’t get the exam results they want?

While it’s common to joke and make light of exam results, in reality, it’s often an anxious time for most people. If someone doesn’t get the results they wanted, it’s important to emphasise that you support them. Let them know you’re there for them and be sensitive to their feelings.

How do you say congratulations to a student?

You can say congratulations to a student in many ways. Say congrats with a card, arrange a celebratory meal or give them a small gift to say well done. Sometimes, a high-five and a few meaningful words are all it takes to feel recognised for an achievement.

Which is correct – “congratulations on” or “congratulations for”?

Both phrases can be correct, but for different purposes.

If followed by a noun, you’ll use “congratulations on”. For example:

If followed by a verb, you may use either “congratulations for” or “congratulations on”. For example: