Goodbye L plates: Congratulations on passing your driving test message ideas.



Changing those Ls for Ps and passing your driving test is a congratulations-worthy moment – but you can’t always celebrate with a new pair of keys. Whether it’s a close friend or a relative, it’s important to make a fuss over those big moments in life. Say congratulations in a way that’ll stay with your loved ones – even when they’re driving down roads far away.

Here are some ways to go the extra mile and say ‘congratulations on your driving test’ to those you care about.

Make a thoughtful driving test congratulations card.

Saying congratulations doesn’t have to be so… verbal. A driving test congratulations card can let you share your best wishes and give your loved one a little memento they can read again and again. It’s the perfect way to reach out from afar and holds a bit more meaning than a text.

Making your own card means sending personalised wishes – even better, you can create your own designs too. Here are some tips to get you started on making your own driving test congratulations cards.

15 congratulations messages for passing your driving test.

Writing the right message can mean different things – you can be sincere and heartfelt or witty and funny. You could refer back to shared memories or old moments – or drop an inside joke and reference their obsession with Disney Pixar’s Cars. It’s easier said than done though, and sometimes you need a bit of help to get you started.

Start the engine with some congratulations messages for passing your driving test. Jot down the ones you like or get inspired and personalise it. The choice is yours.

Editable driving test congratulations card ideas.

Get creative with congratulations on passing your driving test images and memes.

Saying congratulations with a card not quite doing it for you? You don’t have to settle for a personal message alone. Make things more visual – send an image. Whether it’s artwork, a photo, or an unforgettable meme, personalised images can mean the world.

Get on the right track and say congratulations on passing your driving test with these image ideas.

Make a driving-inspired photo collage.

If your loved one has always been into cars, a driving-inspired photo collage can be a thoughtful way to congratulate them on getting their driver’s licence. Did they have a set of Hotwheels they always played with? Add a photo. What about a red and yellow toy car? Find a photo of them “driving” it around the house as a kid. Let’s not forget the car-shaped beds too…

Go big with a personalised poster for the new driver.

Go for something a bit bigger and really send a message with a personalised poster. Get an old picture of your friend in the car seat as a kid or blow up a giant version of them in those car-print pyjamas. You could even make a poster with their first car on it and a heartfelt message too.

Whatever you choose to do, make it for free with our poster creator.

Turn them into their very own driving meme.

Nothing says you care quite like a quality meme – so why not turn your loved ones into one? This is a chance for you to flex your wit and create a joke that could last years.

You could do all sorts – use traditional memes and personalise them or make your own based on your experiences. Get a picture together of your friend behind a MarioKart car, add some text to a few candid pics, or discover a range of templates to see what appeals to you.

Check out more of our meme ideas

Create an Instagram story.

If you’ve got pictures and videos from your time with your friend before they passed their test, you can create an awesome Instagram story to celebrate. Add text and images together and post your stories online – just don’t forget to tag them!

Create a personalised banner.

Forget posters – create a range of banners to celebrate your friend or family member’s new driving licence. You could put their licence photo on a giant banner with some funny text or even put a picture of their new car on there.

Use a funny congratulations on passing your driving test GIF.

GIFs are an amazing way to say congratulations on passing your driving test. Cut down videos into repeatable GIFs and add them to your social media stories and posts using Adobe Express.

Not sure where to start? Here are some ideas on how to use GIFs to say congratulations on passing your driving test:

Free congratulations templates for passing your driving test.

Try Adobe Express for free now

Useful things to know.

What do you say to someone who just passed their test?

“Congratulations on passing your test” is a good start. But you could always say “give us a lift” if you’re feeling cheeky. The best thing to say is something you know will resonate with the person who’s passed. Whether you’re cheeky, witty or sincere, there are so many ways to say congratulations.

How can you celebrate passing a driving test?

Doing an honorary first drive or having a little party or get-together is a great way to celebrate someone passing their driving test. You could even treat them to things they might need for their car and future adventures too.

What can you write instead of congratulations?

There are many ways to say congratulations. If you need a bit of inspiration, why not visit our page on some common (and not so common) congratulations quotes and sayings. If you’re ever at a loss, try to think of something personal – the effort is usually appreciated.