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They say a dog is a person’s best friend, but we can’t forget our furry felines too. In fact, around a quarter of UK households own at least one cat. So, it stands to reason that there’s an annual day to celebrate one of the nation’s most beloved pets.

If you’re honouring your keen kitten or purr-fect friend, or want to promote something to tie-in with the event, we have everything you need to create International Cat Day posters, banners, social media posts, creative memes and more. Read on and you might just discover some fascinating International Cat Day facts as well.

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What is International Cat Day?

International Cat Day was founded by the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) to raise awareness on ways to safeguard cats from cruelty, and is held on August 8th each year.

It’s a special day to celebrate and honour cats. While some may already receive the royal treatment at home, other kitties aren’t as fortunate.

When did people start celebrating International Cat Day?

International Cat Day first officially began in 2002. But despite being carnivorous and complex creatures, cats have long been revered – even being seen as deities and protectors by the ancient Egyptians.

In the modern day, cats continue to flourish. IFAW, one of the world’s largest animal conservation and welfare charities, founded International Cat Day and other pet-friendly holidays in order to:

As well as raising awareness and advocating for better kitty welfare, the charity encourages people to learn about how they can protect cats.

In 2020, International Cat Care, a British non-profit organisation dedicated to cat welfare, took charge of co-ordinating International Cat Day. They have since hosted competitions, provided educational content and even collaborated with a renowned animal illustrator to design International Cat Day pictures.

How do people celebrate International Cat Day?

International Cat Day is all about celebrating our love for cats while supporting their wellbeing. There are a number of ways that cat lovers can honour their feline companions. Some of these include:

Creative ways you can celebrate International Cat Day.

One of the best ways to take part in International Cat Day is to get creative on social media. After all, the internet loves cats! Luckily, there are plenty of ways to celebrate in style with Adobe Express.

Tell a story with Instagram

What better way to share the beauty of your feline than on Instagram stories? Make your account more vibrant with some International Cat Day pictures featuring your cute kitten. Pick a template and upload your photos. You can also choose from a range of icons and graphics to build your Instagram story design. Once you’ve customised, share it to your stories and your likes may well shoot up.

Create a charming cat collage

There’s no better way to celebrate International Cat Day than a photo collage of your cat’s cutest moments. Snap a few shots (provided that your kitten stays still enough) and build a personalised collage from scratch or with a template. Get creative with stickers, icons and flashy colours. And don’t forget to include the #InternationalCatDay hashtag with dynamic drop-in fonts.

Get ahead with a Twitter header

Twitter is a brilliant platform for sharing your thoughts, but it’s also great for putting your best images front and centre. The header image on Twitter is one of the first things your followers will see. Why not dedicate your header to our feline friends in time for International Cat Day? Choose from thousands of templates to create your Twitter header, then customise, upload, and watch the world swoon.

Create a captivating cat meme

Cats are graceful creatures, but they can also make the purr-fect meme. Win the internet over with an International Cat Day meme and make your furry feline a star. Just take a picture of your cat doing what it does best, then you can begin creating a meme. It’s as simple as making a header, adding backgrounds, changing the font’s appearance, and customising however you see fit. Now your furry friend can be an online sensation.

Catch people’s attention with a flyer

Are you looking to promote any upcoming cat-friendly events? Maybe there’s a charity that cat lovers can donate to, or perhaps you’re hosting a cat party at your business? Whatever the cause, spread the word this International Cat Day and create a handy flyer. Choose from a library of customisable templates and design unique flyers, suitable for every theme.

Create a cat-friendly Facebook post

Whether you have a personal or a business account, Facebook is the ideal place to spread the word. There are plenty of Facebook groups and pages dedicated to cat-friendly causes, and International Cat Day is no exception. Get involved and create a Facebook post suitable for the occasion. With our handy tool, you can design stunning images for your Facebook feed.

But don’t just stop there. The good news is you can celebrate cats on other days, too. Many countries have their own National Cat Day to shower felines with even more love, while other kitty related holidays include National Hug Your Cat Day (June 4th) and International Pet Day (April 11th).

Whichever day you’re celebrating, share the love with Adobe Express.

Useful things to know.

Who started International Cat Day?
International Cat Day was established in 2002 by the International Fund for Animal Welfare to raise awareness about cat protection. However, in 2020, British charity International Cat Care began leading the annual celebration.
How is International Cat Day celebrated?
International Cat Day can be celebrated by adopting a new kitty, feeding stray cats, or even spoiling the cats in your own home. You can also volunteer at the local animal shelter or donate to a cat charity. Of course, some people will simply prefer to share their favourite cat pictures, posters and memes online.
When is International Cat Day?
International Cat Day is held on August 8th each year. It is celebrated by a number of countries, but there are also often specific national days dedicated to cats as well.