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Updated Oct 14, 2014.

16   Rights management servers

Companies that have deployed a LiveCycle solution should pre-configure Acrobat and Reader to communicate with the LiveCycle servers.

LiveCycle server configuration


16.1   Add an ALCRM Server

To add a rights management server:

  1. Enter the server name.
  2. Enter the server URL.
  3. Choose Add.
[HKCU\Software\Adobe\(product name)\<version>\Security\cEDC\cKnownServers\c<index>]
[HKCU\Software\Adobe\(product name)\<version>\Security\cEDC\cKnownServers\c<index>]

16.2   Remove an ALCRM Server

  1. Select the server in the list.
  2. Choose Remove.

16.3   Set a default ALCRM Server

To set a default server:

  1. Select the server in the list.
  2. Choose Set as default.

The default server is highlighted in Red and its details are stored in:


16.4   Lock ALCRM Server settings

To suppress user configuration of a rights management server in Acrobat, check Prevent Rights Management Server from being configured via Acrobat. The value is stored in: