LiveCycle ES2 for manufacturing

LiveCycle for Manufacturing

Automate processes and improve communications

With Adobe® LiveCycle® Enterprise Suite 2 (ES2) software, you can build and deploy applications that increase the reach and effectiveness of information already available in your CAD, ERP, PDM, and other business systems to share product information more effectively across the entire manufacturing ecosystem. Organizations use LiveCycle ES2 server-based modules to:

  • Protect, manage, and monitor sensitive information

    Using Adobe LiveCycle Rights Management ES2, organizations can build encryption and protection of documents into automated processes — controlling who opens, views, prints, copies, and modifies PDF files. Dynamic polices make it possible to change permissions, issue new versions, and track individual usage even after documents have been published.

  • Digitally sign and validate PDF documents.

    Using Adobe LiveCycle Digital Signatures ES2, organizations can apply digital signatures to help ensure the authenticity and integrity of sensitive documents and 3D data inside PDF documents.

  • Enable users of free Adobe Reader® software

    Using Adobe LiveCycle Reader Extensions ES2, anyone, anywhere with Adobe Reader can participate in design reviews by editing and commenting directly in the PDF file and then saving it. Users can also sign the PDF files as required.

  • Manage the document lifecycle from publishing to archiving

    Using Adobe LiveCycle Process Management ES2 and Adobe LiveCycle Content Services ES2, your organization can fully manage and automate the workflow for PDF documents — including 3D designs — with archival in ISO standard PDF/E or PDF/A formats for regulatory purposes.

  • Create and manage electronic forms

    Organizations can create and deploy XML-based templates as PDF or HTML forms or as guided experiences — all easily accessed with Adobe Reader or Adobe Flash® Player software or web browsers. Capture data and transfer it directly into your organization's back-end systems, streamlining business processes and improving data accuracy.

Create and assemble 2D and 3D PDF files in automated workflows

Combine LiveCycle ES2 with solutions from Adobe partner PROSTEP AG to create a comprehensive solution for publishing, protecting, reviewing, and archiving rich PDF communications.

PROSTEP PDF Generator 3D for Adobe LiveCycle ES2 integrates automated 3D PDF file creation capabilities into your existing PLM workflows. Combine and assemble 3D PDF data with engineering data from Word, Excel, and other business applications into complete PDF-based technical work packages.

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Adobe solutions combine desktop and server-based products with 3D PDF technology from industry leaders to help you publish, protect, review, and archive engineering information using PDF files as an essential part of your PLM workflows.

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