Adobe Text

A new utilitarian composition family from Adobe®

Adobe Text is a new and versatile text typeface family designed by Robert Slimbach for Western (Latin, Greek, Cyrillic) typesetting. Its workhorse qualities make it perfect for a wide variety of applications — especially for longer passages of text where legibility and economy are important. Adobe Text bridges the gap between calligraphic Renaissance types of the 15th and 16th centuries and high-contrast Modern styles of the 18th century, taking many of its design cues from early post-Renaissance Baroque transitional types cut by designers such as Christoffel Van Dyke, Nicholas Kis, and William Caslon. While grounded in classical form, Adobe Text is also a statement of contemporary utilitarian design, being well suited to a wide variety of print and on-screen applications.

As its name implies, Adobe Text’s unadorned functional qualities allow it to do its job effectively without shouting out its presence. It can be used for manuals, magazines, books and many other text-oriented applications in which clarity and practicality are valued. Adobe Text’s simple architectural structure and the even distribution of positive and negative space within and around the letterforms help to make it a screen-friendly design ­which retains much of the warmth and readability of the full-resolution design. Slimbach remarked, “I see Adobe Text as a typographer’s type family, ready to be put through its paces in the tasteful arrangement of information within both simple and complex documents.”

The design’s low center of gravity (modestly-sized capitals and regular figures, along with medium length lowercase ascenders and descenders) give the face exceptionally even color, and allow it to perform well in a variety of leadings and line lengths. “I’ve sought to find a sweet spot, in terms of balancing the relative heights of glyph components, so as to maximize the fonts’ flexibility and to better allow the various glyph categories (lowercase, capitals, numerals, and small capitals) to work together as a harmonious unit,” said Slimbach.

A state-of-the-art OpenType® family

Since the onset of the Adobe Originals program in 1989, Adobe has continued to offer designers progressive new type families and cutting-edge type technology. As an OpenType super-family, Adobe Text includes extensive Latin and Pan-European language coverage. Utilizing the power of OpenType’s layout features, the process of setting and fine-tuning composition is greatly streamlined. Activating these features enables typographic refinements such as ligatures, small capitals, and oldstyle figures, bringing unprecedented control and sophistication to contemporary typography. In addition, all glyphs in an OpenType font can be accessed — whether or not they are covered in a layout feature. OpenType fonts, coupled with the advanced typographic control offered by a program such as Adobe InDesign®, also let type users take advantage of advanced hyphenation and justification, and optical margin alignment with hanging punctuation.

Adobe Text figure styles

Adobe Text offers typographers no less than seven figure styles to help satisfy even the most demanding design requirements. When composing complex documents that involve the use of multiple glyph styles, it can sometimes be a challenge to compose a balanced arrangement with a limited set of figure style options. With figure styles for general use, as well as for specific use in text, all-cap, and all-small cap settings, Adobe Text provides the capabilities that allow for seamless compatibility with all conceivable typographic features and settings.

Sample art

View the sample art for Adobe Text, shown below (PDF, 99K).

View the other illustrations on this page (PDF, 146K).

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