Where do I get Adobe Originals?


The majority of Adobe's fonts are available on fonts.adobe.com as part of the Adobe Fonts subscription library.


For perpetual licences, please visit our resellers:

Type Network




Note: Adobe no longer provides enterprise-wide, term font licensing. Type Network and Monotype are authorised to handle these licences on Adobe's behalf.


Adobe discontinued sales of Font Folio 11.1 and Font Folio Education Essentials on 1 June, 2022. Read more details here.


To learn more about Adobe Originals and the type design programme at Adobe, you can visit the type section of Adobe.com.


Where can I find Adobe’s open source fonts?


You can find Source SansSource Code and Source Serif for activation or web use from Adobe Fonts. You can also activate Source Han Sans from Adobe Fonts. The source files for all of these fonts are available on GitHub.