Since its release in 1997, Bickham Script has become a fixture in mainstream typography. Now revised and greatly expanded, Bickham Script Pro features an abundance of new alternate letterforms, ligatures, and swashes – all part of an expansive character set unified with state-of-the-art OpenType® font technology, making it more flexible and easier to use then ever.

In Bickham Script Pro, type designer and calligrapher Richard Lipton has further explored the design possibilities of this 18th century English round hand writing, instilling it with his distinctive design sensibility and a flawless execution. Recognized as a master designer of pointed-quill script typefaces, Lipton has created a traditional round hand typeface of unsurpassed elegance, virtuosity, and scope.

As one types, substitutions are made dynamically as the context changes. Not only do varied ligatures appear, but subtle changes to glyph exit and entry strokes ensure an attractive, flowing text – both between letters and at word beginnings and endings.

The cornerstone of the new release is the inclusion of a large set of contextual glyphs which include an abundance of stylized letter and ligature variations. These glyphs – which are automatically and intelligently implemented in layout applications that support OpenType features – better simulate the writing masters' disciplined use of letter variation, and create visually rich lines of text. This synergy between the contextual glyphs and advanced font technology allows designers of any skill level to easily set words and phrases like a professional scribe.

Certain same-letter pairs are replaced by alternates and ligatures, eliminating visual repetition with subtle shape variations.

Bickham Script Pro also features an expanded set of highly flourished discretionary lowercase glyphs and ligatures reserved for specialized applications, and includes an additional set of swash capitals, flourished numerals, an expanded set of accented glyphs, and additional math and monetary symbols.

Intended primarily for display settings, Bickham Script Pro is offered in regular, semibold, and bold weights. Its personality can range from poised to extravagant, lending a signature flourish to invitations, menus, annual reports, restaurant logos, and packaging.

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