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Adobe presents Sava® Pro, a calligraphic type family from calligrapher and type designer Jovica Veljovic. These versatile all-capital alphabets are both expressive and elegant, deriving their character from the disciplined strokes of the broad-edged pen. Inspired by 4th-century Greek uncial letterforms, Sava evokes a timeless feel. While the inspiration for Sava comes from antiquity, it possesses a distinct modern flavor derived from Veljovic's confident personal design approach, and his mastery of digital alphabet design. These tense yet refined forms give passages of text a monumental feel, providing designers a progressive alternative to traditional serifed roman capitals.

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The Sava Pro family consists of six integrated weights in Latin, Greek and Cyrillic, which can be used effectively for a variety of display applications, adding a sophisticated flavor to titles and subheads. Although Sava is an all-capital font family, it functions surprisingly well in specialized text applications, when set in small caps with capitals.

Sava Pro samples


Sava Pro includes a variety of ligatures and alternate glyphs. In calligraphic writing, ligatures occur naturally as a remedy to troublesome letter combinations, or as expressive embellishments. OpenType allows for the easy implementation of these glyphs, many of which are applied automatically by applications that utilize OpenType features.

Sava Pro samples

Jovica Veljovic is a long-time student and teacher of calligraphy. He is well-versed in historical Latinate forms as well as a modern explorer of the alphabetic line as a basis for art. Veljovic received his masters degree in calligraphy and lettering at the Academy of Applied Arts in Belgrade. He now lives in Germany where he teaches type design and calligraphy at the Fachhochschule Hamburg, and presents workshops throughout Europe and the United States. In addition to designing the type families Ex Ponto® and Silentium® for Adobe in 1995 and 2000, Veljovic has designed typefaces for the International Typeface Corporation (ITC Veljovic®, ITC Esprit®, and ITC Gamma®); in 1998.

Sava Pro samples

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