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Adobe Euro fonts
By developing the new character for free, Adobe shows its spirit in the global community

Note: All OpenType from Adobe (except pi/ornaments fonts) include a design-sensitive euro currency symbol. You do not need these generic euro fonts, which are only supplied in Type 1 format, if you are using OpenType fonts from Adobe.

Adobe is doing its share to support its customers in the new, global economy by offering three free, downloadable font families for the Euro symbol. The Euro is the new European currency that has been in use since January 1999. Euro Sans has a regular weight that is the same as the official character adopted in Europe. Euro Mono is a condensed version of Euro Sans that is designed to work with monospaced fonts. Euro Serif is useful for settings of serif faces. These Adobe® PostScript® Type 1 fonts are available in regular, bold, italic, and bold italic variations. Adobe Type Manager® or other font management software is required.

The Adobe Euro fonts are available as a free download. The download file contains all three font families, and is available for Windows or Macintosh.

Visit the European Commission Web site for more general information on the Euro.

Adobe Designs New Euro Symbol
Three new font families