How to keep online PDF storage more secure.

A person typing on a laptop at a wooden table while utilizing secure online file storage.

Protect your PDFs when using online PDF storage so only you have access to your documents no matter what.

Remember when external hard drives were the hottest new thing? While some still use them, most people today rely on cloud file storage. But even though you don’t have to worry about your hard drive breaking, online file storage does come with its own risks.

If you forget to log out of the cloud after using someone else’s computer, whoever uses that computer next can access your files. Worse yet, if someone gets ahold of your password, they can snoop around your documents from anywhere. That’s why it’s a good idea to protect individual PDFs for more secure online file storage.

How to protect PDF files with secure online storage.

It is essential to not only maintain secure storage practices but also be mindful of logging out and securely managing access to online PDF storage — particularly when using shared or public computers. Here are a few options for securing files:

Protect with Adobe Acrobat for secure online file storage.

With Adobe Acrobat, you can easily block unauthorized access to PDFs. Start by launching Acrobat and selecting the Protect tool from the Tools menu. You can then use the Encrypt feature to set a password or a digital certificate for your PDFs. Without the digital key, no one can open the file.

If you only want to keep others from editing your files, lock some or all editing features with the Restrict Editing function. The Remove Hidden Information tool lets you erase any invisible identifying data. Once your PDF is secure, save it and upload it to your favorite cloud platform.

Set PDF passwords online.

You can also quickly password-protect PDFs on any device with Adobe Acrobat online services. Navigate to the Protect PDF tool with any web browser and upload your file. Give it a safe password and download the PDF. You’re then ready to send it forward for secure file storage.

Why it’s important to have secure online PDF storage.

Secure online PDF storage is of paramount importance in today’s digital age. PDF files often contain sensitive and confidential information, ranging from personal identification details to financial records and legal documents. By ensuring the security of your online PDF storage, individuals and organizations can protect valuable information from unauthorized access, preventing potential risks such as identity theft, data breaches, and financial fraud. Robust security measures, such as strong encryption, multi-factor authentication, and regular system updates, are necessary to safeguard the confidentiality and integrity of stored files.

Best practices for secure online file storage.

To ensure the security of your online PDF storage and protect your sensitive information, follow these best practices:

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