How to easily convert a JPG image to an Excel file.

All is not lost if you receive an important spreadsheet as an image. Learn how to convert a JPG image into an Excel file in minutes.

Say your coworker or fellow student emailed you a spreadsheet you needed for an important project — but they sent it as a JPG image. Perhaps they scanned a printed spreadsheet or simply took a screenshot of their spreadsheet editor. Getting it in this format may look like a setback, but if you know the steps to take, it’s just a temporary one.

Read on to learn how to easily convert a JPG image into an Excel spreadsheet with the help of PDF documents so that you can complete your part of the project.

Turn JPG images into complete Excel spreadsheets.

To begin, you need to turn your JPG image into a PDF file. You can do this with Adobe Acrobat online services following these three easy steps:

  1. Launch the Convert JPG to PDF tool.
  2. Drag and drop the PDF into the converter or click Select a File.
  3. Download the converted PDF.

Your PDF viewer may have a tool to directly export the PDF document into an Excel file. If not, you can do it easily with the Convert PDF to Excel tool in Acrobat online services. The tool works in exactly the same way as the JPG to PDF converter.

Share your spreadsheets as PDF files.

You might have to share the spreadsheet further once you’ve finished working with it. You could share it as an Excel file, but that means others could accidentally make edits or changes to it.

Acrobat online services can also convert Excel files into PDF documents and then protect the PDF with a password. You can protect your work — without inconveniencing others — by resharing your spreadsheet as a PDF rather than a JPG image.

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