Testimonials for Adobe Captivate (2019 release)

"Adobe Captivate is by far my favourite eLearning tool for several reasons. It integrates great with Creative Cloud applications, is very flexible which allows its use for any type of engaging eLearning course, whether responsive or not. I particularly appreciate my creativity is never pulled down by lack of functionality, due to the possiblities of advanced/shared actions and embedded JavaScript. The new version - which I could try out - adds 360 degree images and videos with hotspots, interactive video functionality, enhancements to video demo (webcam and greenscreening) to its toolbox. As a trainer I appreciate the easier fluid boxes workflow in this second version of that innovative responsive project method."
— Lieve Weymeis
“When Adobe launched Captivate 2017 one of the features I was most excited about was responsive design with Fluid Boxes. Within minutes of using Fluid Boxes, it was clear to me that before long all responsive design would be built this way. It was so intuitive and predictable. I still had a few items on my wish list for Fluid Boxes. With Adobe Captivate 2019, all those outstanding feature are now in place. Now I can precisely size my Fluid Boxes and get a predictable layout on any screen. With 1 click I can also ensure precise arrangement of my objects distributed within the Fluid Box. I now have much more control over the layout of my static Fluid Boxes as well. Adobe Captivate 2019 is still the industry standard for responsive design eLearning authoring. It's the best Captivate yet!''
— Paul Wilson
“I’ve been using Captivate since version 1 and the evolution I have seen is mind-blowing. This release makes no exception. It is one of the strongest ever with tonnes of new and enhanced features. The new Virtual Reality and Interactive Video workflows are something I’ve been waiting for a long time and I’m very happy with the way the team has implemented it in Captivate 2019. Now, I’ll be able to satisfy even more customers in a simple yet professional and effective way. The ever-growing collection of free assets is a huge blessing, not mentioning the Fluid Boxes and other responsive eLearning features. I’m confident that the feature set of Captivate is the strongest of the market. With the new features of Captivate 2019, no doubt that it will continue to lead the way for years to come…"
— Damien Bruyndonckx
“The new release of Adobe Captivate is truly amazing! We all know that new technology like virtual reality are soon to enter into the field of learning and possibly become mainstream. Therefore, I'm really excited to see that Adobe Captivate has taken this huge step ahead and made it really simple to create immersive learning courses which can be experienced through VR headsets. As we struggle to create engaging training material for learners, it's really important that there's a tool which empowers us to use latest technology to enthral our learners with an immersive and interactive experience."
—Debbie Richards
"Without a doubt, video training courses are becoming more and more popular among learners these days. However, for trainers and instructional designers, it's not easy to create video content all the time. A lot of planning, technical skills and production cost are involved. However, the new Adobe Captivate has made it extremely easy to create interactive video courses. I can either use my own videos or videos available on YouTube and add interactive quizzes, assessment slides etc. to create a course within minutes."
— Josh Cavalier
“I'm personally very happy with Adobe Captivate 2019. I've been creating responsive courses right from when Adobe came up with responsive eLearning features 4 years back. Last year, I was totally taken by the amazing features like fluid boxes, "Save as responsive" option to auto migrate desktop-only content, responsive sliders etc. These took Adobe Captivate way ahead of the rest of the tools. This year also, I'm very impressed with the enhancements in fluid boxes. It's now more simple and customisable and can help author responsive courses faster than ever. Additionally, there's a new feature which allows us to scan a QR code and preview the responsive courses on mobile devices. This is really useful since it helps design the courses better."
— Phil Cowcill, Retired Professor - Canadore College

Industry Reviews

The mLearning Revolution Blog
I’m convinced eLearning is dead and all of us need to focus on delivering compelling learning experiences that are fluid across multiple screens, taking eLearning beyond the desktop computer. Captivate Draft strengthens the idea that mobile devices are maturing from simple consumption tools to powerful authoring devices. Adobe has set the bar really high for everyone else developing learning design software.
—RJ Jacquez, The mLearning Revolution Blog
Paul wilson Learning and Design
Captivate Draft, a storyboarding tool, is an iPad app that is designed to work in conjunction with Adobe Captivate 9 and its 2017 release. It allows designers to convert their ideas into storyboards complete with eLearning elements such as content and questions slides, branching and more. The advantage of having this tool as an iPad app is clear. I can't tell you how many times I have gone to eLearning development meetings and debated whether I should bring my clunking laptop with me.
—Paul Wilson
CP Guru
Multi-state objects was one of the new features in Adobe Captivate's earlier version that I really like. It allows you to define various states for an object and then switch between these states based on user interaction, advanced actions and so on. It could be done before also but now it is much simpler.
—Michael Lund, CP Guru  
One of the more exciting features that I really like is the Adobe Captivate Draft app available in the Apple App Store. Create your storyboard in the app, save it to Creative Cloud and open it directly into Captivate (2017 release) for full development. Another fantastic feature that has been enhanced is responsive projects … now they can have up to 5 breakpoints. A new level of interactivity has been added with multi-state objects ... you can create these interactions without having to use show/hide techniques.
—Will Constantine, Learnhaus
elearning brothers
One of the great new things is the ability to create motion effects without any sort of programming.  Move objects along linear, curved or customised paths with ease. Each of these effects can also be adjusted for each of the new responsive break points built into Captivate.
—Brother Bryce, eLearning Brothers
elearning Chef
This new release includes some solid updates. There’s an actual Effects module with the selected effects visible on the master timeline. And an updated Objects panel allows you to convert any element into a multi-state object. Improvements to the Responsive Design capabilities Captivate offers give it a HUGE advantage over competing products in this space. I was surprised to see Captivate Prime and not Connect Prime. Looks like Adobe has put significant effort into this LMS product, building it from scratch.
—The Chef, eLearning Chef
Learning Solution Magazine
The important question to ask is, “Are the added features worth the upgrade?” In this case, the answer is definitely Yes. Here are my top nine reasons to update.
—Joe Ganci, Learning Solutions Magazine
Captivate Blog
No better way to get the feeling of new features than to create a real project from scratch. I discovered some gems while exploring. Roundtripping with Adobe Illustrator … I call this the (until now) missing link in the beautiful bracelet of Adobe applications that allow you to create amazing eLearning courses: Captivate, Photoshop, Audition, Edge Animate, Edge Inspect and now finally Illustrator!
The previous Effects panel is gone! You can have all motion paths on different objects visible at the same time. That makes life so much easier.
—Lieve Weymeis, a.k.a. Lilybiri
Crazy about Captivate
My favourite new features: (a) Responsive design – it’s faster and easier than ever (b) Advanced Actions – it’s the small simple things that make developing eLearning so much easier (c) in-product preview … yes, preview your course right within Captivate to see how it functions within an LMS … SO cool!
—Anita Horsley, Founder, Calex Learning Consultants






elearning magzine 2014
Elearning Magazine 2014
Award: "Best Simulation tool" Category – Best of Elearning! 2014 awards
Codie Awards 2014
Award: "Best Solution for Special Needs Students" Category – Award of Excellence
BSOCO Awards 2013
Award: "eLearning/Rapid Learning Category - Gold
Brandon Hall Excellence in Technology Awards 2012
Award: "Best Advance in Content Authoring Technology" – Gold
Brandon Hall Excellence in Technology Awards 2012
Award: "Best Advance in Technology for Testing or Learning Evaluation" - Silver
Elearning Magazine 2010
Award: "Best Rapid Development Tool." Category – Award of Excellence
Elearning Magazine 2010
Award: "Best Simulation Development Tool." – Category Winner
Elearning Magazine 2010
Award: "Best eLearning Development Tool." Category – Award of Excellence
Brandon Hall Research Award
Best Advance in Learning Content Management Technology – Gold Category Winner
Training Media Review
Award: Product of the Year
Award: Winner, Best Corporate Learning Solution 07 May 2009 
Learn X Asia Pacific
Award: Winner, Best Simulation Solution 2008