Make the best International Dog Day social posts and memes.



Dog-friendly social posts: getting started.

Happy International Dog Day! This special day takes place every year on 26th August, when fellow dog parents come together to celebrate our little fur babies and raise awareness of the number of dogs that need to be rescued each day.

Below, you can discover some fun and creative ways to celebrate this world dog day on your social channels. Whether you use Snapchat, Instagram, TikTok or a mixture of all three, we’ve got tips to help you make videos, Reels, and collages of your doggos. After all, they give us so much joy throughout the year — except that time they chewed our favorite socks.

Get inspired with our top tips for sharing your pooch with family, friends, followers and beyond!

Making best-in-show posts, Reels, and Stories with Adobe Express.

Whether you’re an IG lover or an avid TikToker, International Dog Day is a great excuse to share pictures, videos, and dog quotes across your socials.

Here are some ideas for your amazing, share-worthy canine content.

Give your dog their TikTok debut.

TikTok is home to some incredible dog content, so why not make your pooch a part of it? Below you can find out how to make a TikTok for International Dog Day.

  1. Open the TikTok app.
  2. Press the + button.
  3. Select a pre-recorded video from your camera roll or start recording a new video.
  4. Decide how long you want the video to be.
    Fun fact: the shorter the videos, the more views you could get. Not only are shorter videos more likely to end up on the For You Page (or FYP), but shorter funnier videos tend to be rewatched over and over again.
  5. You could decide to use multiple different clips or one long clip – trim the clips to capture the exact moments you want.
  6. Add music and sounds. It’s the voiceovers, sound effects and music that really makes a TikTok pop!
    Top tip: Choose a trending sound to help get your video even more views.

Share them on your stories.

Stories give quick bursts of content. They can be a fun way to share images and videos on Facebook or Instagram in an engaging way. Remember, Stories are only featured for 24 hours, so if you want to have your dog featured for longer, maybe consider making it a highlight on your page, or turning it into Reel.

Find out how you can make an Insta story below.

  1. Open the Instagram app.
  2. Press the + button.
  3. Choose Stories.
  4. Select a pre-recorded video or photo from your camera roll or start recording a new video of your pup this International Dog Day.
  5. You can add music, text, GIFs, and stickers for an extra special touch.

Show some love with a dog-themed reel.

Reels can also be used to show your dog’s best moments against trending sounds and music.

  1. Open the Instagram app.
  2. Go to your profile and press the + button.
  3. Find the audio you want to use.
  4. Select a pre-recorded video from your camera roll or start recording a new video.
  5. Decide how long you want the video to be – 15, 30, 60 or 90 seconds.
  6. You could decide to use multiple different clips or one long clip – trim them to capture the exact moments you want.
  7. Don’t forget to add a caption to mark the Dog Day celebrations.

Make the paw-fect post.

Make the perfect dog post for Facebook or Instagram and keep the image on your page to look back on time and time again.

  1. Capture the content. You can post a photo or video.
  2. Add a filter. You can either leave it natural, just as it was captured, or you could add a filter.
  3. Include a compelling caption. Keep it short and sweet, add an emoji or two and use a nice personal tone. When posting animals, it’s never a bad idea to write a caption from their perspective, in their voice.
  4. Share. To Insta, Facebook or both!

Top tips for your furry friend photo collages.

Another great way to show off your pup on International Dog Day is to curate a special photo collage. Whether you want to show your doggo running in the park, asleep on the couch or playing with their favorite toy — a collage shows off all your favorite pics.

Below are some tips for making the cutest collage.

  1. Choose a template layout.

Using a template to make your collage will help you decide how many pictures to use and how to arrange them. You could choose a grid layout where the images are clean and organized. Or you could choose a scrapbook style, where some images are cut out and they overlap.

  1. Decide on B&W or color.

Do you want to have a bold black-and-white picture feature on your collage or bright colors? You could even have a mix if you want!

  1. Tell a story.

You could add a sequence of images to your collage which tells a story. This could be something like three images showing your dog jumping for their frisbee and landing back on the ground with it, looking very proud.

  1. Include some text.

Add a quote or some wording to the collage. You could include “Happy International Dog Day” and your fur baby’s name.

  1. Add effects.

Finish off your collage with some effects. It could be as simple as adding a filter, or you could add some little graphics like hearts and pawprints.

Try it out!

Meme-spiration for International Dog Day.

Dog memes have been gracing our feeds for years now. One of the most iconic dog memes is Doge — a Shiba Inu named Kabosu, who captured our hearts with her unsure eyes and crossed paws. Surrounding her, you’ll often find a range of colorful sarcastic words — “wow” and “so scare” being some of the most popular.

But how do you make your own doge-level meme?

To make a meme, all you need is a striking image or video of your doggo, usually displaying a funny emotion. The picture is typically paired with a witty caption or quote.

One meme with a great caption is Pun Dog, a viral meme from 2012. It’s of an Alaskan Klee Kai playing with its toy — with three image variations showing different emotions. So, you can use it to tell a bad joke.

The first image asks the joke, the second image reveals the answer, and the third image is left without a caption and looks like the dog is simply laughing at its own bad joke. Better still, you can easily recreate this meme with your own pooch. What’s not to love?

Make your own dog meme this International Dog Day

20 International Dog Day quotes and captions to make you go “woof”.

Dog quotes make for fun captions — or should we say, they “make fur fun captions”? Below, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite puns and quotes about dogs that are sure to get tails wagging.

Dog-friendly puns.

Cute captions for International Dog Day.

Dog Day quotes to celebrate your pup.

Dog quotes for different breeds.

Useful things to know.

When is International Dog Day?

While we celebrate our pooches every day of the year, International Dog Day takes place on August 26th each year.

Why do we celebrate International Dog Day?

Founded in 2004 by animal welfare activist Colleen Paige, International Dog Day was put in place to celebrate all the dogs around the world. But its aim is also to raise awareness of the number of dogs that need to be rescued each day.

How can you celebrate Dog Day?

Not only can you use International Dog Day to share the love on social media, but you can also:

Looking for some Dog Day photo inspiration?

We’ve pulled together some amazing pet photographers to share their tips and tricks for taking the perfect pooch portrait. Check out some of our favorite shots below:

Golden retriever photographed sitting in the centre of a burnt orange couch

Image by Robyn Arouty

Water drops captured leaving the fur of a dog shaking itself dry

Image by Carli Davidson

Black and white pet portrait of a well-groomed dog

Image by Robyn Arouty

Learn the process yourself with dog photographer, Elke Vogelsang