Sensei Document Cloud
Creatività. Flussi di lavoro. Esperienze. Tutto ottimizzato, con Adobe Sensei.

I moduli digitali sono veloci. Con Adobe Sensei, lo sono ancora di più.

Documenti, moduli e flussi di lavoro diventano sempre più digitali. E con l'intelligenza artificiale, crearli e gestirli risulta ancora più facile. Adobe Sensei supporta le funzionalità di Adobe Document Cloud, per semplificare tutti i processi basati su moduli e creare così esperienze di utilizzo dei documenti più fluide e piacevoli per i clienti.



Compilazione di moduli in un attimo.

Clean documents and clean boundaries. 
Say goodbye to messy, blurry scans. Auto-clean and remove shadows with Adobe Scan to improve the appearance and readability of your documents.

Locate documents in your image library — fast.
Easily identify document images from your photo library so you can convert them quickly into PDFs.


Artificial intelligence is changing the workplace.

AI is disrupting business everywhere, changing the way people think, work, and collaborate. Today, workers are using AI to collaborate in smarter, faster ways to ultimately delight their customers. At a recent Adobe Think Tank, industry leaders shared their views on how AI is driving employee productivity. Check out what they said in our short video.

Adobe Scan, Adobe Sign, and Adobe Acrobat DC

Smooth document processes start with AI.

Today, customers expect an easy way to scan and share documents, as well as simple, smooth digital signing experiences. With features in Adobe Document Cloud powered by Adobe Sensei, you can provide these types of intelligent, smooth experiences — no matter where your customers are.

Smooth document processes start with AI.

When taking a picture of a document with a smartphone, Adobe Sensei automatically detects the boundaries to auto-crop and algorithmically correct document perspective.

Easily sift through your photo library to identify and select document images and convert them into PDFs as needed.

Detect business cards to generate an option to add the contact information on cards to your contacts.

Improve the appearance and text quality of mobile documents by letting Adobe Sensei automatically identify and clean shadows.

In Adobe Acrobat DC, Adobe Acrobat, and Adobe Sign, detect form field candidates based on analyzing the content, attributes, and relative placement of attributes on the form.

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