Repeat Grid

Replicate lists, galleries, and menus in any direction.

Available on macOS and Windows

Workflow like a pro

Simply click-and-drag to turn a single element into repeating grids. Create sets of replicated elements like photo galleries, product listings, contact lists, menus, and more. You can also add states to repeat effects and interactions across elements, all at once.

Plus up the process

Boost your workflow and drag out any sized grid you need, instantly.

Everything in its right place

Bring in real content and data and XD will magically place all images and text to your grid.

Adjust it once and never again

Make changes once and apply it where you like, in any direction.

How it works


Design your first element.

Using easy drawing, create an element to repeat. Select all the layers and turn it into a group.

Drag it out.

With your element selected, click “Repeat Grid” and drag the green handles in any direction to generate a grid. You can hover over spaces between elements to adjust the distance.

Bring in real content.

Drag in images or import text to replace content in your grid. The grid will automatically update with local content to make it look like the real thing.

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