Last updated: 22 October 2012


The Adobe® Auditude® platform is used by companies that want to provide relevant content and advertisements in videos you watch on the web.

What type of information does Adobe collect when a company uses Adobe Auditude?

When a company uses Adobe Auditude, the company tells Adobe what type of information it would like us to collect about the videos it delivers to you. Examples of the type of information a company may ask Adobe to collect are:

  • Web browser used to view the video
  • Operating system of the device on which the video is viewed
  • Internet service provider used when viewing the video
  • Your IP address, which Adobe may use to infer your approximate general location (at the regional, state or city level — not your precise real-time location)
  • Web page URL of the page that contained the video
  • Description of the web page that included the video (such as a news article you might be reading)
  • The referring web page, search engine or search query that led you to the page with the video
  • Whether the video was viewed or interacted with in some way
  • Whether an advertisement in the video was clicked or resulted in a purchase of the product being advertised


Adobe collects and stores this information on behalf of and upon the request of the company using Auditude. None of the information collected personally identifies or precisely locates you.


How is the information collected used?

The company using Adobe Auditude may collect information for a number of purposes, such as to improve its videos, to make the videos easier to find or to include more engaging advertisements in the videos.

The information collected by Adobe belongs to the company using Auditude, not to Adobe. Adobe uses this information only as allowed in a contract between Adobe and the company to provide services to that company. To learn more about how this information may be used by that company, refer
to the privacy policy of the website using the Auditude platform. Note that sometimes companies using Adobe Auditude may allow Adobe to access and share "aggregated" information collected by Adobe in order to provide statistical information or market research. Aggregated information is anonymous and does not identify individuals. For example,
Adobe may publish reports that show which browsers or operating systemsare used to access websites of the companies that use Auditude.


Does Adobe share any of the information it collects when Adobe Auditude is used?

Adobe does not share the information collected for companies that use Adobe Auditude with anyone except as described in the Adobe Privacy Policy or upon request of the company using Auditude. Refer to the privacy policy on the website containing the video for more information about whether that company asks Adobe to share this information.


Does Adobe Auditude use cookies and similar technologies?

Adobe Auditude uses cookies and similar technologies to help improve video content delivered by Auditude. For example, Auditude uses cookies to understand both the videos you have seen and the portions of the company's web page with which you have interacted. Companies use this information to provide you with video content that is relevant to the web page you are visiting. Cookies may also be used to make sure you do not keep seeing the same advertisements over and over again and to determine the effectiveness of the advertisements in the videos — for example, whether a lot of people click a particular advertisement.

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