How to sign a Word document on an iPhone.

In today’s fast-paced world, business happens on the go. When there’s no time to get to your computer, sign Word documents right on your iPhone.

Mobile devices are an excellent tool for digital signatures, especially if your business has you out of the office. Signing documents on a touchscreen is easy, and it won’t slow you down. Instead of writing with your trackpad or cursor on your computer, you can simply use a stylus or your finger to write your signature just like you would with a pen and paper. Read on to learn how.

Steps to sign a document on an iPhone.

To protect your Word document, convert it to a PDF before emailing it to others. The Markup utility on your iPhone is great for highlighting and making notes on PDFs. It also comes with a signature feature. It’s a quick and easy way to sign something you want to send out.

Follow these steps to add your signature to a PDF before emailing it:

  1. Attach the document you want to sign to your email.
  2. Tap the attachment and select Markup.
  3. At the bottom, tap the Plus icon on the Markup toolbar and select Signature.
  4. If this is your first time, sign with your finger. After that, your saved Signature will be waiting.
  5. Sign with your finger or select your saved signature.
  6. Move your signature to the location you want.
  7. Tap Done in the upper left corner.
  8. You’re ready to email your signed document.

Now that you know how to sign a Word document on iPhone, learn how to insert signatures into nearly any type of document. When you’re on the go, your business can’t wait. Use your iPhone to sign documents and keep moving forward.

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