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This offer is available to new or existing customers licensed for Adobe Acrobat Pro Team Edition. Offer applies to Acrobat Pro Team Edition monthly paid annual plan or prepaid annual plan, and is only available to customers who purchase directly from or contact customer support . When you purchase at least 5 Acrobat Pro Team Edition licenses for NT$3,570 (monthly paid annual plan) (including VAT), or NT$42,840 (prepaid annual plan) (including VAT) Enjoy a 7.5% discount when purchasing 5 licenses. The discounted price is valid for the first year only; if you purchase additional licenses, it lasts until your next renewal date (whichever is earlier). Offer only valid for purchase of 5 licenses in a single transaction. Additional licenses above 5 will be charged at the then-current standard price per license per month  (monthly payment annual plan) (including VAT) or per authorization  (Prepaid Annual Plan) (including VAT). Requires a 12-month subscription commitment. At the end of the first 12-month period, unless you choose to change or cancel your subscription, your subscription will automatically renew and your payment method will be charged at the then-current rates. The current price for Acrobat Pro Team Edition is per license. per month  (monthly payment annual plan) (including VAT) or per authorization  (Prepaid Annual Plan) (including VAT). You can cancel your subscription through customer support . This offer is not available to OEMs, educational institutions or large-volume authorized customers.

General Terms: Available only to qualified individuals 18 years of age or older. Residents or persons of countries subject to embargoes or U.S. or local export restrictions are not eligible. Offers and prices may change without prior notice due to unforeseen circumstances. Offers may not be assigned, exchanged, sold, transferred or combined, nor redeemable for cash or other goods and services not specified herein. Offers are subject to availability in recipient's region and may be subject to additional terms and conditions. Any content prohibited or restricted by law is invalid.