Today's business mandate

Shantanu Narayen

Adobe's mission is to revolutionize how the world engages with ideas and information. For businesses and organizations, engaging customers has never been more critical to their bottom line. Expectations are high, competition is fierce, and consumers have unprecedented control over how they spend their time and money.

At Adobe, we develop the technologies that transform ideas and information into experiences that change how people live, work, and communicate. For over 25 years, we’ve built a legacy of innovation. Today we remain committed to enabling our customers to better engage their customers and consistently exceed their expectations. By creating strong bonds through engaging experiences, companies get beyond customer satisfaction and brand loyalty to form profitable long-term relationships. Read the Q&A with Shantanu about engagement.

Shantanu Narayen, President and CEO, Adobe Systems Incorporated


Featured November 2008

Forrester logo

Engagement is a key business imperative, but actually measuring the business impact of technology-driven engaging experiences is no simple task. Two commissioned studies conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Adobe analyze how companies are creating and measuring engaging online experiences.

Measuring The Total Economic Impact Of Customer Engagement: A Multi-Company ROI Analysis (PDF,136K)

Forrester examines how customers quantify, measure, and monetize the financial impact of engagement through Adobe technology, revealing the key metrics and relative ROI organizations are realizing.

How Engaged Are Your Customers? (PDF,908K)

Forrester recommends a new methodology for tying engagement metrics to business metrics.

Featured Videos

Shantanu Narayen video

Adobe President and CEO Shantanu Narayen discusses the next generation of innovation that is revolutionizing mobile experiences at the CTIA Wireless IT & Entertainment show on September 11, 2008.

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Featured Customers

Ebay logo


eBay uses Adobe AIR to extend its global marketplace, delivering eBay to the desktop



Leading online services provider uses Adobe AIR to extend customer experiences beyond the browser



Global electronics leader brings next generation mobile phones to market with advanced touch interface powered by Adobe Flash Lite technology



Stock market leverages Adobe Flex and Adobe AIR to deliver a RIA on the desktop that enables financial professionals to replay market activity in detail at any point in time

Cicero Magazine

Cicero Magazine

Political magazine takes customization to a whole new level –and boosts sales by 40%

Optimal Payments

Optimal Payments

Electronic payment processing provider streamlines complex financial transactions to gain a competitive advantage



Award-winning digital agency raises delivers immersive interactive experience for Visa that build brand awareness

Executive appearances

Throughout 2008, Adobe executives including Shantanu Narayen, president and CEO, are speaking in a variety of venues about engagement, industry trends, and Adobe's business and technology strategy.


Kevin Lynch
San Jose, CA
October 21, 2008

Cisco CIO Summit

Gerri Martin-Flickinger
San Diego, CA
October 21-23, 2008

Software Business 2008

Matt Thompson
San Francisco, CA
October 30, 2008

Web 2.0 Summit

Kevin Lynch
San Francisco, CA
November 5-7, 2008

Dow Jones Venture Wire Technology Showcase

Paul Weiskopf
Redwood City, CA
Nov. 18-19, 2008

Adobe MAX

Shantanu Narayen, Kevin Lynch
San Francisco, CA
November 16-19, 2008

Fortune 500 Forum

Shantanu Narayen
Washington DC
December 2, 2008


Gallup logo

A new worldwide survey by Gallup Consulting and sponsored by Adobe examines the relationship between digital touchpoints and retail banks’ ability to engage their customers. Survey findings underscore the importance of creating highly engaging Web sites and mobile banking offerings that function as a seamless part of the overall customer experience. 

Using Technology to Engage Retail Banking Customers

White paper (PDF, 137K )


Economist EIU logo

The engaged constituent: Meeting the challenge of engagement in the public sector

A new Adobe-sponsored survey by the Economist Intelligence Unit examines the new drive in government for greater constituent engagement, offers insights into how some agencies have already undertaken successful programs, and provides recommendations for public-sector agencies to better engage with constituents, with intelligent implementation of technology-based solutions as a key success factor.

Read the press release

Part I: Research summary (PDF, 1.4M )

Part II: Briefing paper (PDF, 1.5M )

Customer engagement

An Adobe-sponsored survey of business executives worldwide offers insights into the key strategies and tools for achieving deeper levels of customer engagement.

Beyond Loyalty: Meeting the Challenge of Customer Engagement: Research summary (PDF, 178K )

Briefing paper (PDF, 178K )


Adobe perspectives

Engagement in financial services: Touch points and technology heighten emotional connection between banks and their customers

"As in all industries, consumers are bringing high expectations to business interactions with banks, insurance companies, and investments firms. New financial services technology, such as online bill pay, help financial service providers create engaging experiences that are critical for building strong and profitable relationships with customers over the long term."

Engagement in government: By leveraging new technologies, government agencies can forge stronger connections with constituents

"Today, individuals and businesses expect government organizations to provide interaction and information to them anytime, anywhere, and through any medium. By leveraging new technologies that deliver engaging experiences, government agencies can forge stronger connections with their constituencies and provide higher quality public service."

Engagement in manufacturing: Connecting with customers, partners and employees streamlines processes, improves communications, and build relationships and profitability

"With the increased complexity of today’s manufacturing supply chain, a strong engagement strategy is more important than ever. Adobe solutions enable manufacturers to create engaging experiences that streamline processes, improve communications, and ultimately build relationships and profitability."

Engagement in the enterprise: Bridging the engagement gap

"We're seeing enterprises increasingly recognize the urgency of overcoming the obstacles to connecting with their customers through more responsive, personalized services."

Engagement for knowledge workers: Connecting across continents and software platforms

"New technologies are empowering knowledge workers to communicate more clearly and powerfully than ever before. These engaging experiences will play a major role in increasing job satisfaction and improving productivity and profitability in the future."

Engagement for creative professionals: Building customer relationships through engaging experiences

"Creative professionals are challenged with creating the most compelling, interactive content—when the experience of how people interact with that content really matters. By leveraging the latest developments in imaging, video, and web technologies, we give creative professionals as well as casual users the ability to stand out with what they produce."

Engagement in mobile data communications: Interacting anytime, anywhere, with anyone

"Tomorrow’s devices will offer far richer and more engaging data experiences that will transform how we interact with one another."

Industry perspectives

Forrester logo

Marketing’s New Key Metric: Engagement (PDF,444K)

As consumers’ trust in traditional media diminishes, marketers need a new approach. Forrester propose a new metric, engagement, that includes four components: involvement, interaction, intimacy, and influence.

Five Tools and Technologies to Measure Engagement (PDF, 94K)

Forrester has defined five key tools and technologies that marketers need to put in place an engagement-driven measurement methodology across their enterprise.

Measuring Engagement (PDF,317K)

To measure engagement, marketers need to take four critical steps: define, audit, assess, and prioritize the metrics that are appropriate for their customer buying processes.

From eGov to iGov — What's next for leading edge governments in the digital age (PDF,2.8M )

Future e-government requires more than downloadable forms. Learn how to engage with the new digital citizen.

Customer Retention Is A Process, Not An Event (PDF,474K )

Discover processes for improving customer experience and customer loyalty in financial services.

The Business Case For Rich Internet Applications (PDF,412K )

Rich Internet applications are changing the way companies do business online. What makes them so attractive?


Gallup logo

The Engagement Imperative (PDF,124K )

How bonded are U.S. customers to the brands they use?

Customer Satisfaction Doesn't Count (PDF,128K )

If you don't make an emotional connection with customers, then satisfaction is worthless.

Getting Emotional About Brands (PDF,134K )

Marketers realize that emotions are important. But they're not quite sure why — or what to do about it.




In his keynote address at the Forrester Technology Leadership Forum 2007, Adobe President and CEO Shantanu Narayen describes why engagement is the new business mandate.

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Industry experts and leading executives share their views on engagement.

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Adobe President and CEO Shantanu Narayen describes Adobe's vision for helping companies inspire and connect with their customers.

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Customer Successes

Kane County seal

Kane County

This innovative county improves services to victims of violence by engaging them in easy-to-use, dynamic forms processes for filing orders of protection.

Read the success story (PDF, 2.9M )
Watch the customer successes video



Dynamic multimedia design firm launches a branded MTV mobile application in Italy—marking MTV’s first Adobe Flash Lite venture worldwide

Lincoln Public Schools logo

Lincoln Public Schools

Nebraska's digital natives Heartland school system blends Adobe technology into K-12 classrooms to provide extraordinary learning opportunities for students and their families

Trek Bicycle Corporation

Trek Bicycle spins fresh, fun, and noticeably different marketing designs with Adobe Creative Suite 3 Design Premium and Apple MacBook Pro computers

Nickelodeon logo


Entertainment leader extends the reach of its brand and engages fans with interactive games

Next steps

If you're a journalist or analyst and would like to know more about Adobe's views on engagement, contact us.