Technical specifications and requirements

Ink & Slide product image

Hardware requirements

Requires iPad 4+, iPad Air 1, iPad Mini or iPad Mini with Retina display.
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Compatible apps

Ink & Slide are designed to work with Adobe Line, Adobe Sketch, Adobe Draw, and Adobe Mix. There is a growing number of iPad apps that will be Creative Cloud connected and have integration with Ink & Slide. For the latest information, go to


For other apps, Ink will make marks and menu selections, as would any stylus, but there are no Creative Cloud-connected capabilities, pen-pressure support, or palm rejection.
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Creative Cloud membership

Ink & Slide require a Creative Cloud membership for Cloud-connected capabilities, such as the Pen Tip menu access to Color themes, Cloud Clipboard, and sharing to Behance. A free membership provides access to these services.

In the Box

Adobe Ink
Screen cleaning cloth

Adobe Slide
USB Cable

Charging Case
Quick Start guide

Size and Weight

Adobe Ink

Length 5.67” (144 mm)
Width 0.48” (12.3 mm)
Depth 0.46” (11.8 mm)
Weight 0.72 oz (20.3 g)

Adobe Slide

Length 3.94” (100 mm)
Width 0.91” (23 mm)
Depth 0.39” (10 mm)
Weight 0.69 oz (19.6 g)

Ink Charger

Length 6.54” (166 mm)
Width 0.87” (22 mm)
Depth 0.79” (20 mm)
Weight 1.1 oz (31.1 g)
Adobe Micro USB Cable
Input and Output
External Buttons

Length 3.94” (1000 mm)



Bluetooth 4.0 LE


2048 levels of pressure
1 button


Capacitive touch and Bluetooth

Ink: 1- external button
Slide: 1- external button