Don’t just take our word for it, let our users speak for us.


“The 2015 release of Adobe Technical Communication Suite provides us with new and exciting ways of enhancing the online help we create for our customers. Having all the software we need, integrated into one suite makes us more productive. With every version, the components of the suite become even easier to use, and we’ll be more efficient than ever.”
—Alexandra Duffy, Lead Technical Writer, Nemetschek Vectorworks 
“New features in Adobe Technical Communication Suite like dynamic content filtering to easily find content in Adobe FrameMaker and Adobe RoboHelp are in demand especially for the German industry. It’s helping us take the next step to actively shape the fourth industrial revolution, ‘Industry 4.0.’”
—Dieter Gust, Member of the Supervisory Board, Direct of Research & Development, itl
“The ability to import Microsoft Word files to Adobe FrameMaker is a real game changer for us. Importing legacy content to utilize the many benefits Adobe FrameMaker offers is now as simple as mapping styles. If used as part of the Adobe Technical Communication Suite, for the first time we now have full round tripping between Adobe FrameMaker, Adobe RoboHelp, and Microsoft Word.”
—Colum McAndrew, RoboColum(n) Consulting
“The 2015 release of Adobe Technical Communication Suite is packed full with new features, usability enhancements, and revolutionary developments. Updates include full and best-in-class support for Right-To-Left languages, DITA 1.3 support, simplified XML authoring, and native apps publishing for iOS and Android right out of the box—it’s as easy as 1-2-3. There’s also an endless list of user interface enhancements. It’s hard to decide which is the best reason for upgrading.”
—Stefan Gentz, CEO, TRACOM
“Adobe Technical Communication Suite continues to improve integration between Adobe FrameMaker and Adobe RoboHelp with updates like the new dynamic content filters so that users can easily find the content they need. The new HTML layout provides content for mobile publishable for both iOS and Android platforms.”
—Thomas Aldous, The Content Era
“It will be much easier to train employees  using the Adobe Technical Communication Suite because they will not need to know as much html/css when customizing the responsive HTML5 layout.”
—Alexandra Duffy, Lead Technical Writer, Nemetschek Vectorworks
“Managing large and increasingly interactive documentation sets present a challenge for large technical writing teams. They need source file access quickly without treading on the work of other team members. By using a combination of a source control application and multiple Adobe FrameMaker books linked to merged Adobe RoboHelp projects, we have ensured the team has the required resources with the least possible hassle.”
—Colum McAndrew, RoboColum(n) Consulting