How to create a shared couples to-do list.

Use a to-do list for couples to start splitting the mental load with your partner.

Everyone has a lot on their plate and keeping up with it all can often be too much to handle. But if you have a partner, you can use to do list apps for couples to work together and get it all done.

Make a new list.

Nowadays, there are many ways to make to do lists and then share them with your partner or others. Start by searching your mobile app store for “shared to do list app for couples.” Sift through the top results with your partner and find one you both like.

Then come up with a list of everything you both need to do. Enter each task into the app and color code, assign, and prioritize each one. The key is organizing the list in a way that makes the most sense to you both.

Create a process — and stick to it.

Next, come up with a process to keep you and your partner’s to do list current. For example, some couples prefer to check and update their shared to do list first thing in the morning over coffee. Other couples check off tasks as they complete them. You can create your own to do lists and then merge them together.

Truthfully, it doesn’t matter what your process is, it only matters that you stick with it. The more you and your partner use the list, the easier it is to manage. And it helps you both accomplish more each week, month, and year.

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