How to split PDFs on your iPad into multiple separate pages.

Learn how to split large PDFs into smaller, bite-sized pieces right from your iPad.

Benefits of splitting a PDF.

Sometimes, you don’t want to go through a multi-page document for the information you need. Break up your large PDF documents into more manageable chunks by splitting it.

With the split feature, you can extract specific pages from a PDF and save them as separate PDF files. Then, you won’t have to read through pages and pages of text. Instead, you can open the PDF with the exact info you want or need, turning previously unwieldy PDFs into manageable, easy-to-read documents.

Split a PDF on iPad online.

iPads make it easy to store and read PDFs on the go. If you have massive documents that are difficult to manage, you can split PDFs online right from your iPad in a few simple steps:

Once you press Save, the split PDFs will go into the Document Cloud folder where the original PDF is saved, or they can be put into a new folder of your choice. You can download the split PDFs from there and save them right to your iPad.

Since the whole process is done online through your web browser, you won’t need to download any new applications, making it easy to split PDFs right from your iPad.

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