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Adobe’s open-source Check-in toolkit

We’ve developed a number of guides and worksheets to help make Check-in successful. 
They align to the three phases of Check-in – Expectations, Feedback, and Development – and we're making them available to you with our compliments.





Managers set clear expectations around deliverables, contributions, and behavior to help employees achieve their business and personal goals.

  • Expectations discussion guide for employees
  • Expectations discussion guide for managers
  • Expectations worksheet



Managers and employees give each other ongoing, constructive feedback. Employees see how they're progressing against the expectations, and managers find out if they should be doing anything differently to better support their employees.

  • Feedback discussion guide for employees
  • Feedback discussion guide for managers



Employees drive their own growth by creating actionable career development goals around learning and experience.

  • Development discussion guide for employees
  • Development discussion guide for managers
  • Individual development plan

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