Wedding video guide.

Every couple has a vision of what they want for their wedding video. As a videographer, you need a clear understanding of their expectations.

Over and above the technical aspects of capturing high-quality video, there are other things to consider and plan for when shooting a wedding video. This wedding video guide offers steps to follow to ensure your clients will be delighted with the final product.

What to do before the event.

Spend time with the couple to get a good understanding of their wedding video vision. Build a rapport so when things get hectic on the big day, they’ll trust that you know what they want and can deliver. They will appreciate having one less thing to worry about.

Talk with the event location manager to determine if there will be a secure location for your camera gear and lights when they’re not being used. If there is, that’s excellent. If there’s not, arrange to have a helper during the shoot.

How to shoot the wedding day.

After your pre-wedding meeting, make sure you have the equipment needed for each video segment and then, communicate clearly with the entire wedding party to ensure the traditional and pre-planned components are captured. Between those times, fade into the background and collect lots of B-roll to be cut in during editing.

Edit the footage.

Before you start to splice together the video and sync the audio, review what you’ve shot. Sketch out your storyboard to see how the video will flow. If possible, review the storyboard with the client. Getting their buy-in upfront may prevent multiple revisions later.

The magic of videography happens in the editing process. After you’ve captured traditional shots, special moments, and plenty of B-roll, it is time to put it together in a way that will delight the entire wedding party.

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