You’re never too big for control and simplicity.

Adobe Buying Programmes are ideal for large organisations that want to get the right tools into the right hands in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Those programs — including the Adobe Value Incentive Plan (VIP) and the Adobe Enterprise Term Licence Agreement (ETLA) — provide a host of options for purchasing, deploying and managing multiple licences of essential software.

“The significant difference with Adobe Creative Cloud for enterprise is how much simpler it is to manage our licences. We’re always on the hunt for acquisitions and with Adobe Creative Cloud for enterprise, we can easily add additional seats if and when we need them with a clear understanding of cost.”

— Shaun Grey, product and customer support manager, Information Technology, Wellcom

Meet your unique enterprise-wide needs with VIP or ETLA.

VIP for dynamic workgroups and organisations

VIP is a flexible subscription licensing programme designed for organisations that have changing needs. It’s an ongoing membership programme — based on a subscription term chosen by the member — that provides volume licensing discounts and licence management features, making software access quick and easy. The programme also includes VIP Select, a loyalty rewards level with even greater savings.

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ETLA for stable or growing organisations

With ETLA, organisations can create an agreement to deploy licences throughout the enterprise over a three-year term. Once the software subscription needs are defined, the organisation will make three predictable annual payments on a set anniversary date. Deployment is simple and allows the organisation’s IT Admin to build customised deployment packages and apply the latest updates when ready.

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Quick snapshot of VIP and ETLA


VIP: Transactional purchasing

ETLA: Consolidated purchasing




Stable or growing


1-3* years

3 years


Transactional, decentralised

Discount on all purchases



Annual consolidated ordering

*3-year commit available through VIP Select. Learn more ›

“With Adobe Creative Cloud for enterprise, we can quickly and easily add employees to projects as needed, keeping us focused on delivering great results for clients, rather than worrying about costs.”

— Kartic Srinivasan, senior vice president, 2adpro  

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