Create video montages for free in minutes.

Make your own stunning video montages with Adobe Express.

Create your own montage now

Customize your montage with video clips, photos, music, and more.

The video montage maker empowers you with tools to create a stunning video montage quickly and easily. Upload video footage and images to your timeline to bring your video to life. Customize your montage with different options for music, transitions, text and subtitles, and more. Whatever the occasion, you can commemorate it with a one-of-a-kind montage.

Create your own montage now

How to make a montage video.

Upload your content.
Upload photos and videos from your device to your workspace and organize the order of your content on your timeline.
Select your video size.
Choose from different size format options based on your video’s destination.
Trim your video clips.
Get right to the good stuff with the trimming tool. When you upload video content to your timeline, a trimming option will appear. Trim any video clip to a key moment and then drop it in to your video. You can trim at any point in the editing process with the freedom to go back and revise your trimming choices.
Add messaging to your video.
Choose from full screen, caption, split screen, or title and text options, and customize your text as needed. For a voiceover, select and hold the microphone button to record a voiceover narration.
Pick a soundtrack.
Music can add an entirely new dimension to your video montage. Explore a preloaded library of songs to find the right soundtrack to your video. Or upload your own audio file for total customization.
Save and share your video montage.
Once your final cut is complete, hit that publish button. Instantly download your video to share across your social media pages, streaming channels, website, and any other of your digital destinations.

Personalize your montage with creativity on your side.

Create montage magic with the power of Adobe Express. Make an outstanding presentation by adding different transitions, photos, videos, and audio content. Save time on the editing process so you can spend more time getting creative, trying out new things, and publishing your montage across all your platforms.

Let Adobe Express be your video montage expert.

Make professional quality video edits in seconds to bring your video intro to life. Duplicate your video and resize it to share across all your social and digital platforms. In minutes, you’ll have a brilliant final cut ready to share for all your friends, family, and audiences to enjoy.