Create video montages for free in minutes.

Combine video clips, photos, music, and more with ease to make one-of-a-kind video montages in Adobe Express. No experience required.

Create video montages for free in minutes.

Combine video clips, photos, music, and more with ease to make one-of-a-kind video montages in Adobe Express. No experience required.

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Tell your story with the Adobe Express video montage maker.

Video montages are a great way to illustrate the passage of time, showcase a sports highlight, or build suspense in a movie through a short and snappy video editing style. Whatever it is you hope to capture in your montage, Adobe Express online video montage maker empowers you to bring your vision to life quickly and easily. Start with a free template or from scratch. Upload video footage and images to your timeline to cut, crop, or trim. Then, customize your montage with tons of free Adobe Stock music, fonts, icons, graphics, and more. No experience required.

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How to create a video montage.

Your go-to online video montage maker.

Trim videos for free.

Easily cut, split, and trim footage to make highlights in your video montage shine.

Resize in one click.

Make a montage of any size in the same project for a consistent look and feel across your social channels.

Animate elements with ease.

Add animated transition effects to any element in your video.

Change video speed.

Adjust the speed of any video clip you upload to your timeline. Speed up scenes or slow them down anytime.

Work better together.

Collaborate with others to view, edit, or comment on your montage whether you’re a cubicle or continent away.

Share anywhere.

Download your video and upload it to your favorite platform or share it as a link.

Plan & publish content.

Schedule your content out months in advance for all your social channels in Adobe Express.

Enhance with filters.

Easily apply filters like Duotone, adjust color, brightness, and more in your videos. No experience needed.

Create video montages for free with Adobe Express.

Edit any kind of video in your browser.

Create montages for documentaries, sports highlights, personal projects, and more.

Free stock photos, videos, soundtracks & more.

Customize videos with thousands of rights-cleared, royalty-free stock music, videos, images, and graphics right at your fingertips.

Tons of free video montage templates to start with.

Get inspired with tons of professionally designed, free montage video templates you can customize.

Personalize your montage with creativity on your side.

Create montage magic with the power of Adobe Express. Make an outstanding video montage by adding different transitions, photos, videos, and audio content. Save time on the editing process so you can spend more time getting creative, trying out new things, and publishing your montage across all your social media platforms.

Let Adobe Express be your video montage expert.

When you’re done editing, set the tone for your video montage with music. Whether you’re looking for calm acoustics or a tune with a funky bassline, we hook you up with hundreds of royalty-free Adobe Stock soundtracks you can drag and drop right into your timeline. In minutes, you’ll have a brilliant final cut ready to share with all your friends, family, and audiences to enjoy.

Frequently asked questions.

Is making videos in Adobe Express free?
Adobe Express is a free all-in-one editor anyone can use. All skill levels are welcome and encouraged to start creating montages, videos, social posts, flyers, and more right in your browser. Discover how easy it is to make anything for any digital destination or for print.
How do I add music to my video montage?
To add audio or music to your video montage, select “Media’’ on the left side of the editor. Choose the Audio tab then click on “Upload from device” to start adding your own sound. You can also choose from tons of royalty-free soundtracks readily available in the editor to drag and drop into your video timeline.
Can I add photos and videos to my montage?
Yes, the Adobe Express all-in-one mixed media editor lets you combine static images, video, and audio in the same project. You can choose to upload your own media or browse from Adobe Stock’s extensive collection of royalty-free soundtracks, videos, and images.
How do I save my video after I’m done making edits?
Any project you create in Adobe Express is automatically saved for you on the browser, so you’ll never have to worry about losing your work. To save your video montage to your desktop, select “Download” at the top right of your screen.
Do I need video editing experience to use Adobe Express?
Adobe Express welcomes all skill levels use the all-in-one online editor. Get a head start on your project with thousands of free templates to start from to create your own video montage, slideshows, promo videos, and more. The possibilities are endless with Adobe Express.
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