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Being responsive to security threats and issues.

We continuously monitor the threat landscape, share knowledge with security experts around the world, swiftly resolve incidents when they occur, and feed information back to our development teams to help ensure the highest levels of security protections across Adobe products and services.

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Ongoing efforts


We use security information and event management (SIEM) solutions to consume and analyze various data sources. The information we gather helps us detect potential threats and make intelligent, informed decisions about appropriate responses to each threat.


Threat intelligence

We receive threat intelligence information from industry sources and we gather our own. We use a combination of automation and employee reviewers to filter this intelligence and determine the necessary course of action.


Knowledge sharing

We collaborate with other technology companies as well as industry organizations like FIRST.ORG to share knowledge and security threat information.


Issue reporting and resolution

When an incident occurs with an Adobe product or service, either as reported to us by third parties or discovered by Adobe, the Adobe incident
response team works with Adobe development teams to identify, mitigate, and resolve the issue as quickly as possible.



We maintain a state-of-the-art forensics lab to perform deep investigations into security issues and help ensure the most comprehensive response possible.

Proven alert systems


Sometimes referred to as "spoofing," phishing is the practice of forging or faking electronic documents, usually email. Phishing emails are typically made to appear as though they were sent by someone other than the actual source. These emails claim to be from a legitimate business like Adobe in an attempt to convince the recipient to divulge senstive personal information, like online account passwords, credit card numbers, or bank account information.

Adobe will not request your personal information (or any of your Adobe account information) through email. If you've received any communication that you suspect is the result of phishing, please alert our anti-phishing team, so they can take the appropriate corrective action.

Security alerts and updates

When incidents that require your attention occur, we have a proven system to alert you.

Security bulletins and advisories

Latest patches and updates 

We encourage customers and other members of the security community to report new vulnerabilities and incidents directly to us for swift and appropriate resolution. If you think you’ve discovered a potential vulnerability in an Adobe software product or service, please let us know.

Adobe cloud services: An incident response overview


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